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If you get a warning at work..should it be verbal 1 first ? Or can they skip to a write up and make you sing it ?

That’s oddly specific

What’s makes you different from anyone else?

That I wont talk shit behind your back I’ll do it in front of you

Guys , treat her snap score like mileage on a car. You wouldn’t buy a car with 578,973 miles on it would you. Same scenario with her, there’s a lot of body’s in the 500 thousand miles.

And? As long as a titty is shown who cares

Guys who can’t give me 1k but can give a hoe money, are a waste of time

Not really at least a hoe is loyal to you when you’re with her

Yeah, jokes that offend you to your core but also trigger that primal love of dark concepts are the best kinds of jokes: Yea or nope?

My sense of humor is so dark it still picks Cotten 🤷🏻

Is it appropriate for a lady to rake the leaves? Where's a gentleman when you need one

equality do it yourself you’re independent women right? So suck it up and do it yourself


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