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Yes cuz I don't get time to play pc and mobile is the only thing that I have with me so

Aha. Its not bad too anyways.

Do you control your heart or your mind in love.... ??

o there is no love stuff. okay. only u must have a sense to differentiate between whats important, family or someone else.
btw i can control my mind when i am mad or something.

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How much time do you need to accept something new in your life?

depend on the change. like dressing sense took time, but like food normally much faster. new friends thats very difficult for me. XD

What would you recommend to people who want to meet with you?

if you want to meet. follow me insta and we can talk there. XD. btw untick pls.

What are you proud of?

Actually I am not good in grades. but I am practical. so this practical stuff make me find a job for me faster then all other class mates. so i believe that grades matters but to some extent, while skill matter in real life.

What do you feel when you need to lie someone?

usually I don't lie. but when i have to lie my heart will beating fast. and sometimes i make stuff wrong. so i prefer not to lie.

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