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Hallo, ich habe eine Mail erhalten, dass mein Abo eingestellt wurde und nun kann ich keine Musik mehr hören. Ist es möglich das Abo wieder frei zu schalten?

Sorry for the delayed reply.
We have resolved the issue and you should be able to subscribe to the pro version again.
You will not be charged for the duration when the subscription is disabled.
Let me know if there is any issue.

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Hello, I have a Feedback for your App. Maybe you could add an button, where you can choose the Download quality and if you play a Song that the Song doesnt Go directly to the offline music Library. Maybe I could also help to translate the app from English to German

Giulio Niedermeyr
Hi Giulio,
Thank you for offering feedback and help to improve the app. Would you mind email me at Love to hear more feedback from you.

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プロ版にしてから、曲をダウンロードするとフリーズし、アプリが落ちてしまう。 お金を払っているのにこれでは意味がないし、詐欺だと思う。 原因を解明して、早く解決してほしい。


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