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Is it wrong to want someone not to receive the forgiveness of God at the judgement ?

All fall short of the glory don’t worry

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What's stopping you from achieving your goals?

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More than one thing converged at a single moment, rolling thunder, so the stars can align fates a bitch like that

Why are you an idiot sandwitch?

I may uses that line in the future, nice ring to it, and maybe I’m not exactly thrilled with this shit fucking my heart and minds all up.

Rich or poor I treat people how I wish to be treated. When you first meet someone without knowing their social or economical status I believe the same respect should remain the same. You never know when tables can turn and you’ll be the one missing out on all the true love.

Not going to argue that

What if you met someone that was rich and you thought they were poor would you judge them differently before you new?

We all rich round here unless you counting your blessings

I don’t understand your not A little bit curious and excited to finally hear my voice so we can talk ?

What the fuck does that matter

What price are you are willing to pay to maintain this impenetrable fortress you have built to protect your heart from breaking again?

Not my debts to pay

It’d be one thing if I was stalked by someone fine but I’m repulsed by Laura. YUCK

That not even close to true mama and you know that I only have eyes for you

My Dad just told me… “It’s easy for a man to walk away when he has already been cheating, but a faithful man won’t leave you so easy because you are all he has.” This hit me different.🤧🤧🤧

He’s wrong but kind of right, You the one he chooses and being loyal means he places importance on that choice more than he does for revenge or hate or manipulation. He has nothing else because he chooses to give you the priority and not himself.

Do you think you know who I am

Millions… sounds like some modern internet soap opera, with some stupid looping fucking story every day

I’m meeting his parents what should i wear?

You should pound a filth of whiskey with you pedo dad and go shitfaced and be a complete embarrassment get into a fight with the lady, yolo right??? maybe he’ll make a joke with a 9mm maybe you can use that in the future to embarrass him with your garbage actions again??😜😝😂🤣😅

The United States is like the intrusive neighbor who wants to interfere in the lives of other people. 😂

Animals, like sheep need a shepherd

How does it feel to live in the most hated country in the world?

Haters gonna be there when you look this good, comes with the territory

In the future, with mind transfer, people will be able to leave their old bodies and switch to young bodies. Imagine that you like someone in the future, his body is 20 years old, but he himself was born 80 years ago, what would you do

Don’t think it will work like that

do you think the cures for diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases are hiding, and why might they be hiding?

Naa they have many cures out for different types already and new one developed all the time, in fact that’s a gold mine if they did and they in it for the money.


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