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Do you think long distance relationships can work and how?

I think they can if you really put the effort in

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Is it normal to suffer from anxiety at times?

It is , you’re only human. Give yourself a break , don’t stoop down trying to fit in with societies norms

How old were you when you got in your first relationship?

My first non serious kid relationship was in 7th grade but my first real genuine teen relationship was when I was in 8th grade , in my area 8th grade is put into the high schools , I dated an older guy , I was 13 and he has 16 he was a junior at the time .

is right person wrong time a real thing

It definitely is , I just shared a beautiful love story to a question that was just asked about that!

What do you think is the best artificial intelligence platform(AI)?

MohammedAlajarmah7’s Profile PhotoMohammed Alajarmah
Weirdest shit ever but snapchats new update , you have your own personal AI, that literally answers whatever you ask it .

How was your Easter day ?

Ever since I was a kid , I’ve always been scared of the Easter bunny , I don’t know why. Anybody else? Or just me Lml ?😅😅😅

Have you ever met someone at the wrong time? Let me explain, that due to the circumstances the relationship could not be carried out in some way that you think could have happened if the circumstances had been different.

Yes, let me tell you a short story. My bestfriend met someone when she was in 10th (sophomore)grade. They dated for a few months and they were the most in love that they ever could have been but they realized that based off their ways of living they could have never been in a stable relationship at the time. So my besties lover told her stick by me , wait for me. When we’re older I can definitely see us being married with kids. They told her she was the “right one at the wrong time”. So of course she reluctantly agreed and crazy to say years later, they are now married with their first kid on the way!!! And I could not be more happy for her, sadly I’m still the single friend though :( ! But I just wanted to share this beautiful love story :)!

Should I text my ex?

Depends, what’s the reason? But first thought I would say no , why? Because they’re an ex for a reason.

Is it a good idea to ever forgive someone for cheating on you?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! If a person cheats on you once , don’t believe that “oh they’ll change” bullshit , because eventually rather it’s two months from now or a year from now, they’ll definitely cheat on you again.

Is it okay to cheat while in a relationship?

Absolutely NOT. I think what’s the point of cheating? If you don’t want to be with someone just break up with them, you’re not obligated to be with them, that’s my thought process & that’s what I do. Although I feel that people who do cheat in relationships are usually just selfish pigs who want to double dip.

Do you still think about your ex?

yeah, I wonder if they’re okay sometimes. I know they’re still alive but I wonder how they’re mental health is since I know that was a big struggle for them.

You took everything from me and I’m numb now

Don’t let anyone faze your energy it’s not worth it . There are over billions of people in this world, way too damn many to be stressed over one, ya heard me?

Would you die for your partner

don’t have one currently , but if I really loved them and it was a life of death situation than yes.

Can you please say something nice to me, I'm feeling really low these days. I can use some kindness and comfort right now

Everyone has bad days , but don’t let that dim your light. Yes I might not know you but I know that you are a amazing person and deserve the world , fix your crown love <3!

Hey females what would you do you caught some dude checking you out?

Depends , if he’s cute , I would check him out back . Although if I had a bf or I just wasn’t interested I would just walk away

Is knowing your significant other’s phone password important to you?

respectfullyme1’s Profile PhotoThinker
No it’s not , I don’t care to have it because I will check it all the time if I do, and I care about my mental health Lml so yeah .


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