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What if. ..
What if I did it that day, everything could be good and I hadn't to replay ..
What if everything was good, probably I could be a way from fail..
What if everything I planned for happened, and I hadn't lost my way..
What if I succeed that day, no one could calibration me about my fail..
what if I get everything I wanted, and no one wanted opposite for it..
What if I had you exchange what I dream for, I absolutely say yes along years befor...

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_بقلمك 🌼✒

タスニム تَسْنِيم
i saw you on the street .when you were meeting your friend .their were some people i had talked with for few.but when i looked back you have been Disappeared.i had been searching for you in every place ,every where and in every hood i had go to it .i had never felt bored because i feel like it's my Mission to find you.those days are disappearing .after ten years i saw you again and i was shocked you never changed at all you're still beautiful like you are .i heard you will leave and i will never see you again .when i asked you where, you told me far far away from here ..but i will find you soon and you will be mine .i can't imagine that i could live without you, so i will find you and i will not let you go from my hands.

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タスニム تَسْنِيم
Hello again it's me, I just wanted you to be with me. Remember when you leave, my face was full of tears. Remember that massage in the early morning, when I read it I was full of fear. I don't have any disease but that's how you feels. I have a lot of things to say and all I wanted from you just to hear. every things I wrote for you i was mean, and you think I didn't mean!

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