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How do I tell my crush that I like him? he’s always in my mind and I dream with him very often. Does it mean something or, Is it just a sick obsession?😶

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He is most likely thinking of you wich. Causes a certain vibe you subconsciously puck up on pray about it!it helps and NO, IT IS NOT A SICK OBSESSION do not let anybody tell you any different you deserve love like everybody else does i say GO FOR IT:):)!!IF YOU DO NOT PROCEED IN THIS YOU WILL NEVEF KNIW
Just start with a simple “I’m interested in getting to know you on a personal level.” Don’t tell them about the dreams until you’re officially in a relationship you might scare them off. The dreams could come from your high level of desire for that person.
Just say can I kiss you and then if he says yes then don’t forget to appreciate him afterwards and tell him how long you been waiting to kiss him!!! So he’ll remember that you love him!!!

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