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Do you ever regret buying something? When was the last time that happened? 💸😒

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Of all the things I've bought, with the kinda money I spent on them (like having thousands in like a hundred jewelry alone 🙄), my dumbest purchase was... A replica submachine gun.
In my defense, before I bought it, I actually wanted to get the replica pistol. It seemed that it was supposed to be made of metal. It should look like a legit one. However, when I got it, it was a straight up toy. I couldn't refund, so the next thing I did was I exchanged it (and paid more) for a submachine gun replica. It is made of plastic still, but it was better than the pistol.
But still it's just collecting dust. I don't even know why I decided to buy it. Can't imagine how I was even into replica guns at that time. 😂
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daria you are my dream wife hahha :D did you have more of that *.*

Ahaha I’m sorry but I’m not gonna get married🙈
I tried many guns.
-Submachine guns: ak-47, ak-74, MP-40.
-Pistols: Mauzer96, Beretta 92, Beretta 84, Makarov pistol, CZ 75, Glock 17.
-Revolvers: Smith&Wesson, Peacemaker, Nagan revolver.
-Rifles: Winchester, Mosin Rifle, Dragunov rifle, Sig sauer MCX

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