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hi Vinnie hru? even if maybe u won't read this I hope that all this ends, I mean this control that ppl wanna have of ur life, they're immed ready to point the finger and u're no longer free to do anything, I instead think that wtv or choice u face it, it's still your life, and we have to respect it❤

its_veroniica’s Profile PhotoGrace
Thank you for understanding that’s very sweet of you 🤍

Vinnie I’d love to thank you for putting a massive smile on my face. I lost the person who made me truly happy. I can’t even talk to her anymore. Your amazing personality, your smile and funny live streams make my day. Thank you for making me smile💕🤍 I love you.

No thank YOU for being the sweetest I’m just really glad I’m able to make your day a lot better just know if anything I’m here for you🤍


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