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In a relationship with a great amazing girlfriend but I’m no longer in love with her, not like I was before. I just don’t know what to do. Should I tell her , break it off, stay with her... idk

crodil12220’s Profile PhotoChris
Break it off. It’s better to leave and be truthful than hold on and lie. It only hurts her and creates problems for if you find someone else

Why do people leave?

I wish I had an answer for that. I do. But sometimes there’s never an answer and we have to come to acceptance of that.
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How has bitterness affected your relationships?

Honestly- I don’t fully know the answer.
My first love took a toll on me for my romantic life but then again I was in constant back to back relationships to fill that void they made when they left in the first place. But I never filled it and I just kept hurting people while not feeling a thing. Then I met my fiancé and though I feel something for him, love.. I’m not the same as when I was with the first person. I don’t share my feelings much, I’m not even fully emotionally in the relationship which is bad but I try. So yeah, maybe it did.
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Would you like to go on a date with someone you meet on the Internet?

If you’ve asked me a long time ago, yeah. But now? I’m good
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Did you forget your first love?

No. I think it’s almost impossible to forget the first person that you’ve ever loved, actually. They started the process of understanding what you needed instead of wanted. They help you discover the things you both love and hate in a relationship and grow from it.
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are you strong person mentally?

Not really, but I still hold my head up. I know my struggles but people have it worse than I do. I have to remember that. It’s why I focus on my friends or whoever needs me.
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When you break up with someone do you destroy their things❓

Ironically no, I don’t. I cherish the items. I once loved them, right? I still care for them. Those gifts meant something and they serve as a reminder of good times.
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Ever been depressed?

xxAmyLovesBVB1xx’s Profile PhotoAmy
I feel like everyone reaches a point in their lives where they become depressed. I have and still continue to struggle with depression. Most of my friends do too. It’s become a common thing in society.
But a way to better us and the people we care about is lending a hand, reach out to everyone that maybe struggling and just be there for them even if they push you away.
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