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what is your favourite quotation?

“that feeling you get in your stomach, when your heart’s broken. it’s like all the butterflies just died.”

Is that okay when a girlfriend hugging her male friends?What do you think?

Personally I think it’s fine but then again I’m the most lenient guy.
I let my partner stare at asses and say that I might be staring too so I can’t be mad.
But once they cheat I’m out.
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What's Love for you today?

Protecting those (my friends) that can’t protect themselves.
Helping them when they need it, if I can.
Staying here for them.
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¿Creen qué las personas que escuchan Heavy metal son más inteligentes?

No entiendo
Sorry if that’s offensive. Idk what I’m writing anymore.
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What are you looking forward to about this year the most?

I don’t even have plans so we’ll see.
Events though, I’m going to the Pride Parade and I plan on going all out for it.

Do you wanna be in a relationship with the person you like?

Yeah I do but things aren’t always the way we want them to be.
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What is one thing that many people don't know about you?

A lot of the things I do that I say is about myself actually isn’t. A lot of the things I do is out of fear and love for others.
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Do you prefer to be alone or around people?

Most of the time I do prefer to be alone and it’s not because of anyone, I just grew up that way. But there are times that I want people.
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Do u have any tips for first date?

Be yourself.
Don’t talk about your exes though.
Also listen to them.
Tell them something funny.
Compliments are important too just don’t take it too far.
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Ever had a crush on someone?

Sure I do.
I mean were you ever working and saw this bomb ass cutie with a nice ass and thought, ‘fuck me up’ and realize you’ll only see them this once and get all sad.
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What's the chance of getting your reply if I am unknown?

semi low. I honestly respond to mostly charlotte or someone that I think I know.
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What has life taught you so far?

how to fuck up everything with the people you’re closest too and what not to do when you’re trying to manage your crippling depression.
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What song is currently your favorite?

It’s a tie.
Drugs by Adam Jensen
I Fall Apart by Post Malone
Lie to Me by 5 Seconds Of Summer
I can’t decide anymore.
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How long does it take to really 'know' someone?

you never truly know someone. you could marry them thinking that you know them but turns out you married a potato
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I have this ex that lives far away. We've both agreed that we dont work as a couple especially not long distance. However whenever I think of my future (wedding, children, ect.) I still think of her. I know she feels the same but I'm not sure what to do, we've never worked. Idk why I cant move on.

It’s hard when you really do love the person and maybe you can’t move on because your heart still belongs to her. Try talking to her, work things out. You never know, it might be good.
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