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So when ur not out and about doing things you start shit up online to pass time huh and you troll AmITheAsshole forum on Reddit and god only knows what other

You cheat and act like your workout ng so yeah bye bitch
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Is there someone you won't give a chance because they left you for another, and another left them?

Yeah that's my luck

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Dose anyone know of a hypnosis or brandishing file that makes you feel turned on by your parter cheating on you?

You don't need it

Lord hear my prayers before you lay me down to rest put a glock in my casket let me deal with the rest

Yes please me too

I don’t want to get married anymore. Have fun playing games with the next one you find, I’m living my life the way I should have been. And I don’t see nothing wrong actually. Stay complicated completely alone. You lose because this isn’t even your game.


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What is your biggest fear?

My kids having no one to love them and be there for them like I did growing up

Do you get jealous easily? (Just curious 🙂)

If the guy makes me feel like he loves me and wants me no. But for an example when a man(your boyfriend) at the moment talks about a women making him carry her clothes in the locker room for her yeah like wtf I will be jealous


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