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Chaeyeon looks like Suzy. So I see why you find her boring.

for some reason my school blocks your site but not asianjunkie and netizanbuzz and soompi, etc. Help?

Okay so that probably is a porn filter. My site is listed as "adult" by some search engines etc despite the fact that I don't really have any nudity or explicit content.

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Do you find extreme anti-feminists as bad and annoying as SJW's sometimes?

Any political extremism of any sort is generally idiotic.

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If you search for "Shindong," you'll fiind I linked your fanfic in the text here:



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Heres the webpage of a local high rated guitar teacher. just wanted to know if u think he's good enough to explain to an dummy and if his pricing is right.

It's ultimately more about the personality. Lots of people can play the guitar really well, but not lots of people are good at explaining things in ways that noobs can pick up. Patience is also important as a teacher, not everybody has that. Without knowing this person personally I can't really say yay or nay to this.

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I just asked two luthiers in my area *incl a guitar teacher* that I can't use more than one tuning to my guitar if it has a floating tremolo system like a Floyd or Kahler and that the other strings go sharp if I start detuning it as it tries to stay level. So you must be using a fixed bridge?

Well, you *can* detune it but it's a super-chore, it's such an impractical pain in the ass to balance out all the tensions etc that you're better off not bothering. I have various guitars, some have fixed bridge, I have one with a bigsby vibrato and one with a fender style vibrato, but I don't have any floyd rose/kahler tremolo as I really dislike them partly for this reason. The fender and bigsby style trems are less sensitive.

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No I just think so looks boring?

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If a snail doesn't have a shell, is it homeless or naked?

It's a slug

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What was the best year during the Golden Age of Kpop


View more Sigh I guess we'll never get Seobaby as a cover pic. Dispatch already tried really hard on finding a scandal on her but gave up after they stalked her to a cafe and all she did was read a book

She's a pro, they'll never discover her Italian midget scat fetish

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"One of those songs that you know exactly how it’s going to sound just from the title and who is involved." This is the truth. I expected the song to be a Rhodes coffee shop ballad, clicked play and it was indeed a Rhodes coffee shop ballad.

EvaUnit02 Here's Seohyun in her "librarian" outfit. I think they only forgot the glasses.

The glasses are an essential component! I am disappointed.

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isn't it good that we can spend time with friends?


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CONT2: Alternatively I can $105 for Paul Gilbert to personally review any videos i make of my guitar playing w/ a lesson plan. OR buy 1x $20.00 from Doug Marks of Metal method (80s glam HAWK) and he'll look over my playing on video on the forum. In this case, are the guitar lessons in person better?

If your teacher is good, the lessons in person are better. If your teacher sucks, then no.

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This guy in my local area is offering $400 for 3 mos of weekly lessons at the studio includes setup of instruments/maintenance. How common is it for YOUR students who are diligent to go from beginner to intermed in that time? 3 mos is pretty good right? CONT:

Yeah 3 months is good, practice your nuts off and you can do it

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The wifi I'm using blocked NB because it thinks it's porn but I can see your website just fine. Am I in the Twilight Zone?

Maybe it's actually a quality filter.

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Is your mom fairly conservative like most korean mom or more open with what you always do (fapping to korean girls, objectification, etc)?

Fin Lan

My mother exists in a zone which is kind of beyond fapping and objectification. Because of this I don't know the answer, as these topics never really came up for any serious discussion.

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"For 2017, group photos will reflect whatever boring k-pop scandal that nobody rational cares about is hot in the Korean media over the last week." but what happens when no kpop scandal happens over the week? what pic will you use then?

Unsure. Kpop is pretty regular with the boring scandals nobody cares about though, so I doubt that I'll go a week short. We'll see.

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When I listen to the Kpopalypse Bootleg I feel as if the audio quality is better than when I listen to the same song on Spotify Premium - is this just placebo or are you playing a higher quality track? (pls don't hate me for using Spotify I still buy the albums whenever my poor uni ass can)

You're probably not imagining that. Spotify streams at 160kbps on desktop and 96 kpbs on mobile unless you pay them money. Mixcloud I'm pretty sure does up to 320kbps which is the same quality as the live stream from the radio station webpage. Not sure what resolution my bootlegger uses but I'm willing to guess it's 320kbps and he doesn't change it... or if he does, he doesn't crank it all the way down to 160.

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U said u have Pro Tools. Does the pitch software work in real time? I want to play a guitar downshifted to B without having to retune. Floyd rose here.

Yes but don't do it that way, it won't sound as good. Retune your guitar you lazy ass.

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How do you tell Choa and Way apart by face in Crayon Pop? What if u manage to date one of them and the other gets jealous, seduces u and then you're fucked.

is this guy one of your buddies or relatives? He builds/repairs guitars, usually has Fx or some other Kpop singer in the background on his Wallpaper AND has pornstars willingly do intros to his videos like this

No but it seems like we might get along

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Why is NB so hateful towards some idols? Is she jealous of all the attention they get? She has a vendetta against Sulli and Chaeyeon it seems.

Ask her, not me

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My air con unit tells me I'm using 115533 kWh is that right? Is it a lot?

Seems excessive

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Have you listened to any of the music Riot Games has put out? Like the Pentakill albums or something like the Jinx song?

All pretty cheesy and uninteresting

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