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how to make a man feel appreciated?

His money being saved in his pocket/wallet and if it were me to

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A bank truck is traveling down the highway and you notice bags of money 💵 🤑🤑🤑💰💰💰💰dropping out, what would you do?

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I'd drive pass it then I'd probably break out of this weird one place house/ apartment to get all my belongings for the next new one
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I hope you are okk but you’re still not mine and I could never compete

Tysm 👍🙏. I hope your doing ok to

If your ex buys u drake concert tickets u going?

None of any of my ex's like drake so they probably not going

Why do some men play hard to get?

They have no idea and interest in anyone besides the twinkle int their eyes.

Why aren't you afraid of aliens?

I am afraid they look so darn unsatisfied with their freaking alien spaceship life yeah


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