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Is it normal that I cry everyday? I can’t get rid of my feelings I just cry a lot 😭 like it’s hard to deal with and forget about it

Count them down, one day you will shed the last tear you ever will over this. That day you will take your power back from them for good.

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✝️ jesus protect my accounts from evil eyes

My shits public, I invite the demons to test themselves, because I'm unbreakable. I enjoy the failures at nearly a daily basis.

Had anyone ever impersonated you? How you responded to it? What did you do about it to make them stop?

The impersonation are of there opinion and what they find to be humor, I don't particularly find 90% of it funny but a good 10% is more than just a pathetic jealous depiction and is actually funny and u chuckle to myself. But unlike some dumb pussy bitch liberal crying about pronouns I let it pass unacknowledged, it's meanless.

Why block, I hate we are like this, I get it I complicated your relationship that I thought we had but I’m just trying to make sense why u blocked me like why am I a problem we’re done I never want you back but seeing each other’s stories n I’m not talking to you just unblock I’m over you I got anew

Sure who are you and I'll unblock

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What does means when you are a relationship and you wanna talk with that person and you text it and he/she is online but never answers?????

Do what most normal ppl do call them, your in a relationship

I love someone from my past that isn't who they used to be what do I do. This was someone I wanted to marry

Let's go back to the future!

Have you ever done something to someone's food before they ate it that they didn't know about or expect (like spit in it, touch it, etc.)?

Sorry it you taste it,?


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