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Hey, did you and Fernando banged that girl with an eye patch and a club foot 🦶🏻? 😳😨

Hahaha what

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If you had the opportunity to live in an “off the grid” community, and no not the cultist kind. Would you take the chance?


I miss you, I think about you, but I feel we could never be…doesn’t mean I don’t wish/hope we could. Maybe we are meant to just be friends and that’s ok, I do believe we could be more again one day.

Let’s just give it a shot and if it works great if it’s doesn’t that’s okay too
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Will you marry your soulmate?

No cause he’s fucking stupid and he doesn’t know what he lost and another lifetime and every other lifetime yes

Why do I keep wanting to apologize to you about everything? I doubt you have a second thought about the things you say. I’m the only party that feels guilt for my words and you don’t want to hear it anyway.

I do and I should the one apologizing


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