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What's the youngest AND the oldest you'd date and how old are you? I'm 29, and, personally, I can't see myself dating someone whose brain hasn't even fully developed yet so I wouldn't date someone younger than 25, and the oldest I'd date is 40.

I'm 31 , wouldn't date anyone under 27 or older than 51

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Is "men should take the first step in initiating a date" an outdated way of thinking?

I would say any specific gender being labelled as the one to do anything is a little outdated tbh

true/false: money means nothing to you and you don't care how much you spend, if you like it you buy it regardless of price.


What public toilet should a trans person use?

Whichever toilet they feel comfortable using , or whatever gender they identify with. In the same way that cis people should also use whatever bathroom they identify with , and anyway why is everyone acting like guys and girls don't ever go into each others bathrooms , like women have never seen the queue for the ladies and nipped into the men's , ever accidentally gone into the wrong bathroom and not realised till you came out, the amount of times my male friends have come into ladies toilets on nights out and spoken to me through a toilet door XD come on now. Why does it even matter , people go in the toilet to do their business and leave. I don't understand why this is such a big deal.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Do you think they work?

I have, and it did work but we were really young so I think it would be different like primary school young ...but I would say it's possible it would be alot of work but if both parties put the effort into maintaining it and are comfortable and trust each other enough then sure....I don't think I could now as an adult

do you think people can break up but still remain friends?

I've managed so yeah , but it depends on both people and how things ended of course , not every romantic relationship can be friendship afterwards...but definitely it's possible

Do you hate it when you text someone about something and they can take ages to get back to you?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBilly Walker
No because I am the worst at that and completely understand that someone else's time isn't mine

Do gay people actually use this app?

....I'm sure they do , I'm sure straight, bi, trans, cis, men , women ...any other group you want so do

Would you wear liquid foundation on it own?

Nope but I wouldn't wear foundation full stop...gotta let the pores breathe

who millennials still use gifs? thats so cringe pls stop. this isn't 2012

if someone wants to use a gif let them..why do you care so much about how others communicate? ...
Personally what I find cringe is people who use the word cringe to belittle people of certain groups because they don't like something that has no effect on them whatsoever.

true/false: you have no tolerance for BS and drama.

Hmm depends what you mean true in the sense of my life but I do like watching shows that are literally just drama and BS ...but I cannot stand it and would have no time for it in people around me

How old are you🥰🥰🥰

31 I think XD normally have to ask my fiancé because I loose count but he's at home and I'm not

What’s the last message you sent or received?

Messaged my mum to ask if she wanted a load of seeds...and her confirming she wanted the seeds XD

What did you get for Christmas?

Pikachu onzies ,perfume and face creams, body creams, gloves , coats, warm comfy clothes , VIP concert tickets, jewellery, a jewellery box, gloves that work on my phone, underwear, fudge , pyjamas, and other stuff

Unpopular opinion: Turkey for Christmas dinner is disgusting.

KerrieCordell’s Profile PhotoKez
I can think of better options for meat , but I wouldn't go so far as to say disgusting

the ideal man is a millionaire

If you love money and material things sure....not if you actually want a meaningful connection


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