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Hi Ms. B! I just want to ask if you have tried anal sex? Are you into it? I was never a fan but after watching too much porn, I'm starting to get more curious and I feel the need to at least try it. Would you also please help me how to approach and offer my girl into it?

Hmm... an ass-hole is for shit - loads of it if you're constipated. Think about that brown, mushy, vomit-smelling visual as you shove & pull.
If that still gets you in the mood then happy ?!!!

Hi Bianca, just watched your travel blog, and I'd like to say how inspiring it was. It felt so personal in a way that you reached out to your audiences. So if I do get a chance to ride a hot air balloon, I'll be thinking of you. Btw, I follow you on IG and once you responded on my comment I wish.

Aw so sweet! So glad you enjoyed watching the hot air balloon episode.
It definitely is bittersweet.
Wishing for you more adventures and bucket list wishes ticked off for 2018!! ??
https://youtu.be/463zNTxwRu0Bianca_Valerio’s Video 141820256515 463zNTxwRu0Bianca_Valerio’s Video 141820256515 463zNTxwRu0

Hi Bianca, not sure if you'll be able to read this but know that your fans are here to empathize with you in times of defeat, struggle, and lost. You have been a ray of positivity and inspiration that it would be impossible for the world to give it back to you. Be strong always. :)

This means so much. Thank you for sharing love & encouragement my way ❤
It's going to be our first Christmas without my brother but I know in my heart he is with me everyday in his own way ??

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if tony stark and bruce wayne would be in a fist fight without there gadgets who would win?

bonefish23’s Profile Photomike cruz
Both men have money to have the best gadgets. Iron Man creates them while Bruce Wayne, they are created for him.
In terms of physical strength, Bruce, for one, trained in that pit hole of a monastery so hands down it would have to be Batman.
I don't even know why I am answering this question but coincidentally they are my two fave superheroes :-) Can't always be emo questions all the time, right? Haha
(Tony Stark is FUNNY though. Me love funny)
Liked by: Meliza Maneclang

help! i accidentally peed on her when we were having sex and shes not talking to me anymore :(

I can't blame her, sorry.
Okay fine... i won't leave you hanging!
If it was a fling or hook-up, then yeah, she's pretty much a goner. Can you blame her?
Have you seen Sex and the City with the Golden Shower episode? Personally, am not a fan cuz the only shower i prefer is the one from a clean shower head.
If you two have been dating for some time, am sure she'll get over it. Many people don't realise that when girls "squirt" during orgasm, is it NOT kinky cum spewing out of their vagina --- it is urine.
So next time, to be sure before doing the deed, make sure you pee to avoid a repeat performance.

Do you think it's better for guys to be circumcised or uncircumcised?

I don't have firsthand experience on this but what I do know is, it's not a matter of what it feels or tastes like, to put it bluntly.
From what I've heard, uncircumcised penis' tend to smell more if the person is not the most hygienic due to all the folds of skin on the shaft itself. So sweat, dead skin and dried up who knows what lies in between the cracks, no pun intended, lol!
As for what it feels like, also from what I've been told, there isn't much of a difference. To each his own, I guess.
In the end, even if a woman wants a scruffy man, she don't want no nasty, dirty dick along with it.

Hello, B! I am an introvert, super sensitive and I get irritated easily. Although I am not like that all the time, may mga times talaga na I wish I have more patience for some people. I am working on it though. So my question is, what keeps you sane when you're annoyed or having a bad day? :D

In order to learn how to discipline our emotions, we need to understand ourselves - why we react the way we do, why we are the way we are. Think of ourselves as a computer and in order for it to function right, we need to know how it works so we can troubleshoot it SPECIFICALLY.
You say you are an introvert. Therefore, you are aware that too much outside stimulus affects you easily. That is great that you are aware of this. This is called self-awareness.
While extroverts get their energy from their surroundings and from other people, introverts are the opposite: you recharge from within, without the need for anything or anyone else. Some think this is so emo but think of it as a good thing.
You cannot control all the drama around you but the one thing you can control is your attitude towards it. Being an introvert, it is ALREADY in your nature to harness the strength and patience from within. So use it power. This means, no matter what shit is thrown at you, if you got your shit together from the inside, you are unshakeable.
To stay sane, positive and even gain new perspective in almost any situation, you just need to try to find some alone time. Be it in a bathroom cubicle, a chapel, inside your car, fire exit or any place you can find some peace and quiet even just for 5-10minutes. It really is about inhaling the new energy from that momentary isolation then exhaling all the negative energy.
Actually, this is a form of meditation but I don't want to say that because others don't really understand or believe in its effectivity. So best to call it alone time - Me Time. Trust me: IT ALWAYS WORKS.

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How do I lose weight, Ms. Bianca? Saan ako magsisimula? Ang hirap!

"Where do i begin? It's so hard!"
I get this question ALLLLLL the time.... okay....
Hmmm, where do i begin?
As corny as it sounds, it all starts with the mind. Just like with any goal or aspiration we have in life, how bad do you want it? What are you willing to do and sacrifice to achieve it AND maintain it?
People think I am just naturally slim. No I am not. I am NOT one of those girls who can eat whatever she wants and never gets fat. How I wish that were the case. So let me apply those questions to myself:
How bad do I want it?
In this cutthroat business of modelling and entertainment, if I want to keep working, I need to stay fit and slim. This is the career I choose to be in so this is one of the things I need to maintain to continue working.
What am I willing to do and sacrifice to achieve it?
As much as I would love to eat anytime and anything I want, I can't. So i CHOOSE to discipline myself by eating clean 6 days a week - no sugars, no simple or bad carbs, no dairy, no oily foods. I eat a lot of salad, fresh fruits and vegetables, steamed or grilled fish and LOTS of water.
Then I cheat and eat insane amounts of whatever I want usually on a Saturday or Sunday.
Is it hard? Fuck yeah. Is it hassle? Fuck yeah. But what is more important to me: the creamy pasta and pizza in front of me that may make me happy for a few minutes or so.... Or feeling great about myself because I focused on the long-term goal - staying slim, healthy and happily working.
Maintaining it?
Losing weight is easy especially with all these fad diets but guess what? They don't last. Long-term weight loss is NEVER successful. Maintenance is MORE important because in order to achieve this, you will need to make it a lifestyle. Meaning, it is not for 14 days or a month or even a year. It is hopefully until the day you die (as morbid as that sounds).
I wish i could say in a nicer way but sadly there are no shortcuts. If it was easy, everybody would have a banging body.
So ask yourself these questions and know that in order to get results, you will need to give up previous eating and lifestyle habits, not just for awhile but for a lifetime.

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Hi Bianca, I just asked Mo recently in his podcast about this. When is the right age or moment when you can say you are a matured person?

Maturity is never determined by age.
It isn't even determined by the gravest experiences we've had in life.
Maturity is only gained once we've learned to CHOOSE positivity despite all odds.
It is the art of restraint: from fighting back or seeking revenge or answering back and the like.
It is being proactive instead of reactive with our responses in the worst of times.
More importantly, when we have learned to take full responsibility of our lives especially when things aren't going our way.
No blame game or feeling sorry for ourselves or lashing out at the world because we "deserve better."
Maturity is handling shit with inner strength and grace.

Hi bianca, you are my fave gtwm co-host. You are warm, and give importance to all callers' concerns even if some are shallow. Just want to ask what perfume can you recommend for one who Ioves d&g light blue and lacoste touch of pink. Thanks.

Hey love, just answered your question on @HitlistPH!
Your girl is a fan of fruity-floral fragrances, like myself :-)
As your requested... Here are my top recommendations for fruity-floral fragrances at any budget!

Where can I find cute gay boys? lol I'm 20 btw

Upon careful thought and observation, I find Powerplant Mall at Rockwell and Bonifacio High Street at the Fort on the weekends have a lot of them scattered around ;-)
***If only Harry Styles of One Direction was gay, LOL!

Do I need to be aware since I'm a No Boyfriend Since Birth? I'm 19 and all of my friends are having a relationship (the girlfriend-boyfriend thing)

Sure you can be aware there is such a term (which I honestly find so dramatic given that I am already such an emo person): NBSB.
However, should you be ALARMED? NO.
You are 19. If you were say, 25 and up, then okay, maybe you can give it some thought.
Just because your friends have boyfriends doesn't mean you should have one too. If you're happy just being single than pat yourself in the back because many people are quite insecure at the thought of being alone or not having a partner.
Be happy for them and be happy for yourself. Everyone has their own journey. This is yours so learn to see the beauty in it, whatever it may bring you - boyfriend or not.
It will come when the time is right.
There is more to life than a boyfriend. Trust me, haha!

Hi Bianca. My life is really messed up right now.. My ex and I had been together for almost 6 years and I found out that I was pregnant with him (4mos na now) nung una maayos but then my parents knew that he sinasktan nya prn ako physically kht buntis ako. Tumakbo sya then now may bago na sya. Hay

Your life is not messed up. Yes, on the outside it seems that way but in fact there are three blessings here:
1. FINALLY your asshole boyfriend is out of your life, which means you no longer will be physically abused by him. And your child will not be raised in such a fucked up environment. Your child still has a chance to be raised in a healthy, happy environment.
2. The fact that you were okay with being abused by your ex must reflect an absentee parent or abuse of some kind as a child. I don't know but it seems to suggest that.
You now have a chance to be the parent you probably didn't have growing up.
3. No matter what, a child is always, always a blessing. This leads to 4...
4. Take this pregnancy as your chance to finally wake up from the reality that you were in a shitty relationship; that your standards of what you thought was a good guy is so demented.
You are at a crossroads now my dear. Either you step up to the plate and take responsibility for your unborn child and give yourselves a better, more peaceful life or continue to be victimised by people like your ex and your belief that you losing your boyfriend was actually a loss. NO IT WASN'T.

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Hi need some light ups ms.bianca, i hate myself right now and depressions and self disappointments are building up on me , couldnt get a job, i had to give up the girl i love because shes chinese, having issues with my bro cause of his anger management this sucks wanted to kill myself and its stupid

Yes it is very stupid.
Why would you hate yourself???
1. Your GF is Chinese so you had to break up. Are you at fault? NO.
2. Your brother has anger management issues. Is this your fault? NO.
3. You can't find a job. Is this your fault? ONLY PARTIAL.
Hate yourself if you were a douchebag of a boyfriend and brother.
How about CHANGING your perspective than hating?
1. As they say, there are millions of fish in the sea. This is one girl. If you are a great guy, there are so many other girls who would love to be your girlfriend - who are not traditional Chinese.
2. This is your brother's problem, not yours. You can choose to be part of the solution by helping him seek therapy or ways to control his anger issues OR continue to be victimised by them.
3. Jobs are not easy to find, yes, but it doesn't mean there isn't something there for you to do productively until that job offer comes around. LOOK HARDER. Quit complaining!
There is a saying, "On the road to our dreams, we stumble upon new ones."
Set backs are meant to make you rethink about your life strategy and come up with a new, more effective ones.
People are currently fighting for their lives as we speak and so many have been lost due to the recent plane crashes and tragedies. Wake the fuck up. Your life is a gift. Remember that.

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what's your opinion on the whole 50 shades of grey story and the phenomenon surrounding it?

There is a dark, naughty little side in all of us.
It will take a certain kind of person to bring it out of us.
You can see it as two ways: Pandora's Box or a gift or both.
Life is an experience that is meant to be explored.
Proceed with caution.

How do you know when it's time to stop pursuing someone? I keep thinking that maybe if I show more effort or self-improve, that person will find it in their heart to give me a 2nd chance? It's been 2 years since our messy breakup. She found a new one right away but they broke up recently. Thoughts?

2 Years. That answers your question. Easier said than done but yes, it is time to move on.
Just because they broke up, doesn't mean it gives you a solid chance. Maybe but you could also be a possible rebound if it did happen.
Some lessons are painful to learn. Maybe this is one of them.
Some things are "fixed" once we actually step away from them and allow our lives to continue without them. Once you've accepted this, you can finally move onto happier, better things.
Look on the bright side. This experience has taught you to become a better partner for your future girlfriend (hopefully). Place your energies on the possibility of better, future relationships than dwelling on things you can no longer bring back - the past.

Hi Bianca? What's your favorite motto in life? :)

iamludo’s Profile PhotoGian Ludovice ♕
Good question. To some this sounds a bit cliche' or corny but a lot of us, whether we realize it or not, we try to live by old age wise words as a reflection of our personal morale and/or current disposition.
However, I also find that mottos change through the course of one's life. They reflect the experiences we've gone through.
The very first that really struck accord with me was back in university when a classmate shared it in class,
"God never gives us trials He knows we cannot handle."
There are several but here are the ones that I value the most:
"Be careful for what you wish for because you just might get it."
"People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
But people will never forget how you made them feel." ~ Maya Angelou
The photo I posted is the one I treasure the most by Mother Teresa.
It is hard to always observe but at least I try to be this way in all areas of my life. It's a work in progress.

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... I heard from a friend of mine that his sister bought your book and had a big change or divine intervention if that's what other people call it. I hope you can answer my question :-bd Thank you very much pretty lady :-bd

Wow, that's such wonderful feedback, thank you!
To answer your question from the link sent before this, my book, Face to Face: The Healing Power of Make-Up is available at:
National Bookstore
For international orders:
To know more about the book, you can check out its FB Page:
From its FB Page, I share:
This book is the first of its kind in the world:
A make-up instructional and self-help book in one and I am proudly the first Filipina to write, conceptualize and produce a book as such. This only means one thing: No dream is ever too big for even the meekest of minds...
I was bullied for many years growing up and experienced a lot of abuse from a young age. I was told I was never going to make anything of myself and yet, miraculously, by God's grace, I am still here - to write this book of inspiration, strength, beauty and a bit of humor, if I may.
Grab a copy now and help save lives as I'll be donating 100% of all my royalties to the Philippine National Red Cross Muntinlupa Chapter.
Author, Creative Director and Make-Up: Bianca S. Valerio
Art Direction, Artwork and Layout: John Lozano
Photos: Ria Regino
Styling: Rex Atienza
Hairstyling: Eddiemar Cabiltes
Face To Face: The Healing Power of Make-Up is sponsored by:
Sangobion: The Organic Iron
Colour Collection Cosmetics: Make-Up Artist Edition by Bianca Valerio
Leg Love by City Lady
***Book was launched in NOV 2011. As of APRIL 2012, it has now officially become a BEST SELLER! So so blessed....
Thank you Lord...

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Hi Bianca! I recently broke up with a guy. We were together for 2 months but I really loved him. He broke up with me after finding out that me and his bestfriend went out ONCE weeks before we met. He told me that he was confused after finding out about it kasi how was I able daw to keep something..

Hey love, ( @_jcpelagio ) we just answered your question on tonight's @GTWMPodcast episode!
Basically, what you did was not a break-up-able offense.
He's just being a pussy and found this as a convenient excuse not to deal and man up.

This is so embarassing but you see I have really dark singit and butt cheeks.I don't have the money to BELOfy it, so don't even suggest that to me.Do you think my BF would be turned-off when he finds out about it? I've been wanting to do IT w/ him,but was afraid of how he would react once he sees it

It's not embarrassing at all, love!
I get this question all the time and I answered it in my column for @HitlistPH (the online portal of TV5, formerly known as Kristn):
But to let me say, as much as dark groins are a concern, there are a lot worse things that you could be dealt with, such as, let's say, being terribly hairy down there. This causes sweating, "kulob" and foul door in the vaginal area that guys complain more about than a dark groin.
Ultimately, if a guy is really into you, just like any flaw we may have, these things are pale in comparison to all the wonderful things he loves about you. So if something as menial is going to turn him off and make you feel bad for it, that only says what kind of guy he is and you shouldn't bother being with.
I get it, of course we always want to look great for our partners. But if it is at the expense of our own self-esteem and it makes us question our own worth, no partner is worth compromising our dignity for.
Hope my tips help!

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