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Is it acceptable to watch Bluey at 15 years old?

hey man. it's your eyes to blind and your mind to scar. do you bro.

keep my tongue out yo mouth... evil WITCH🌐

evil and good are polarized definitions of the same thing from different vantage points. in the end, all seek happiness. the curse is in seeking happiness in the misery and suffering of others.

Should a husband defend his wife from insults from his family?

yeah. your wife is your soul mate. her value should surpass any and all other. offending her is the same as offending your god. you remember that, and you tell anyone who takes jabs at her to go fuck themselves. check yourself before you wreck yourself and dont nurture double standards of morality.

Do you take rejection really good or really bad

i generally go in expecting rejection so that it comes as a surprise when i am accepted lol

Why do people think I’m mean and nasty? That’s not my nature! I’m nice!

doglover3417777’s Profile PhotoAlayne
A lot of the time it can be caused by emotional affliction in the tone of voice.


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