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Showers or baths?

Banh290’s Profile PhotoSugababi
Showers. Look, baths, logically speaking, are filthy. The dirt you're washing off is going to the water you're sitting in where it marinates and settles as you chill relaxing. That dirt ring around the tub resides on the bathtaker as well.

Should women approach men?

RoachB0nd’s Profile PhotoKing Of Roaches
Assuming this is with the context of relationships? I mean, there's no law against it, but it isn't the norm. The nature of relations between the two genders, traditionally, is that the woman is to be sought by the man. I wouldn't think it a sin though, just a rarity of sorts to see.

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All I want is a partner who will be in love with me. I don’t need a fancy life just somebody at home to snuggle and watch a movie with. Share life. Is this to much to ask for?

sevwill8’s Profile Photosevwill
No, it's not.

What are your thoughts on using electric collars for dogs? I personally would never use one because there’s no need to shock a dog.

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
Didn't even know that was a thing. I vote nay

If I came to tour residence at suppertime, what’s the best meal you could prepare with only the food you have on hand? (No trip to the grocery store)

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoWhat Dust?
Chicken or spaghetti. Maybe fajitas too

Have you seen the interview with Kanye saying: "everyone has something they brought to the table, especially Hitler." ? What do you think about that?

agustingovea2022’s Profile PhotoJR
Kanye is out of his mind and I don't concern myself with what he says.

Should you be able to go through your bf/gf phone?

Ramon mun
Yeah but it shouldn't be with the motive of looking for infidelity, and none should be found. Trust is everything.

Are you scared to love someone wholeheartedly?

Monica Mongeur
I think there's a reasonable fear of being hurt by one you're emotionally invested in and vulnerable to, but no close relationship in this world is void of disappointments and pains. So yeah, but still willing.


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