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Bahagia itu ketika lo..

Got accepted to this choir called Jong Vocaal Groningen! I sang Pie Jesu during the audition in this empty church hall only with the conductor and one board member and it was my first time singing like that. At first, the conductor asked me to sing any dutch kid songs but well I don’t know any. But then I got Pie Jesu by Fauré in my head, so he then searched for the music score to accompany me with the piano. Anyways, they were on the 4th place during a competition called Nederlands Koorfestival (video attached below) and it is such a great opportunity to join them. We are gonna perform Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle on the 21st of October this year.
Dickdutz’s Video 148230687259
Liked by: Nanda Rizky Hasmin

Lagu terbaik yang direkomendasikan untuk akhir pekan ini?

This is a video of this week’s rehearsal with my choir and we are gonna perform Mendelssohn’s Psalm 42 and 100! And also Dvorák’s Symphony No. 8!
Dickdutz’s Video 148407589147

Salah ga kita nungguin? Orang yang yg g peduli sama kita?

Bukan salah, tapi bodo aja. Salah sama bodo rada 11:12 memang gapapa bingung namanya juga bodo jadi salah xoxo

Kapan terakhir kali kamu marah? Apa yang terjadi?

Ga marah si, but I feel kinda annoyed at the majority of people who post these templates with questions about themselves. Well it’s okay if it’s just once or twice, but they do it like every damn day like who cares right? ??‍♂️

Bisakah mata telanjang kita menangkap kecepatan suara dan kecepatan cahaya?

Mata telanjang mana bisa liat suara bedon. Except if you got synesthesia.


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