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Czy twoje życie jest jak parabola?

the parabola is probably that sometimes you are at the bottom, I do not know bad former math, the sum of desires you know all the fantastic moments added into one, and with this cube you put it like life, your colorful, how to use something, the paint rubs off, you can understand it like this that in the end, when the time comes for everyone, the same monochrome awaits and no matter what colors you had in your life before, the cube of all people is the same at the end, you die

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Czy twoje życie jest jak parabola

Co Cię teraz najbardziej martwi? Miłego i spokojnego dnia 😉 Zapraszam na dużo nowych odpowiedzi 😉

Najbardziej martwią mnie ludzie. A raczej ich zmieniania się na coraz gorszych... Kiedy przypominam sobie o ludziach których znam już kilka lat i myślę sobie jacy byli kiedyś, a jacy są teraz rzygać mi się chcę na samą myśl o nich. Pamiętam jak kiedyś cieszyła ich każda chwila życia, a teraz starają się pogorszyć te chwile innym ludziom.

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Co Cię teraz najbardziej martwi
Miłego i spokojnego dnia 
Zapraszam na dużo

Jaka jest Twoim zdaniem definicja szczęścia? Miłego wieczoru 😉 Zapraszam na dużo nowych odpowiedzi 😉

Happiness is a temporary illusion. The only way to happiness is a way without worries about things that do not affect our lives. Happiness should not be sought by force will come at the right time. We will feel full happiness sharing it with another person. Happiness can be given to us by such small things like the smile of another person, meeting them on the street, a short conversation. Happiness can give music. Happiness can give passion. Only happiness needs to be cultivated and when we hold them we don't let go of our hands. Sometimes we don't notice that happiness before we don't have them right next to it. All in all, happiness is a phenomenon that we create ... when we stop being aware of what we don't have and we start to appreciate what we've got from fate. Sometimes happiness is also tears, but it depends on us.

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Jaka jest Twoim zdaniem definicja szczęścia
Miłego wieczoru 
Zapraszam na dużo

Zazwyczaj to Ty kończysz relację i porzucasz drugiego człowieka, czy może wręcz przeciwnie?

It was different in my life. Due to the fact that I have quite a difficult character, many people cut off contact because they just couldn't stand me. I didn't get along with my peers, I considered them to be a bunch of morons, I sought attention from people a few years older and more serious, and at the same time I was too childish to create something permanent. Maybe if I met these people today everything would have been different. Currently, I am carefully choosing my friends and I have no qualms about rejecting anyone if I see that everything is going in the wrong direction. I don't want time for some toxic acquaintances and a range of possible consequences. I cut off contact, disappear from their lives without a trace and do not play goodbye.

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