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What are you looking forward to this school year?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ starting over at a new school and having to retake classes doesn't look that great.

Summer vacation is perfect for what?

To pull out of depression. To reminisce on the year and think about the mistakes you made and use them to better yourself. To go on adventures. To enjoy the people you love.

Well we all know the c in trnck still exists 😏 she posts about him all the fucking time. Even at 2:53am (her story)

We're friends. Can't you understand that

You can always stay with your friends can't you?

Yeah but I don't think my mom would be too fond of me going across the country for a certain period of time with people she has never met and trusting them to keep me safe

Do you think those friendships will last while you are so far Away?

I don't know. Obviously everyone is going to find other people who they can actually spend time with and connect with about school and stuff. I don't expect them to be as close as we were this year

Does trnck still exist? Are there new members?

Lmao they're the only people who still talk to me so I guess. Everyone is fading tho.


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