Amber Ferguson

Ask @GirlwithDrive

Hi Amber! I know you stress a lot about the importance of internships. I'm a journalism major going into my senior year and I still haven't had an internship. On the flip side, I'm very involved with on campus opportunities that I have learned a lot from. Does that still count?

Kelcey Henderson
Hi Kelcey,
At the end of the day any related and relevant experience is going to be an asset. Campus activities are great! However, now that you are a senior you should put your education at the bottom of your resume. Don't lead with your education, lead with your experience. I think you should look into freelancing for an online publication or somewhere in your college town. Also highly consider a post-grad internship or fellowship. Think about having a diversified resume and portfolio. I started out doing a couple virtual internships. It got my foot in the door.

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