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Which is better for iced coffee Tim Hortons or McDonald's

Haven't had either in a while, tough choice

do you sometimes enjoy watching cartoons from your childhood? i found a place to watch original care bears and figured i’d throw some on cuz the nostalgia is always nice 🥰🥰

AirLovesZombies’s Profile Photo~•Ary•~
Sometimes yeah

Lately I been rethinking of who I'm in a relationship with I get zero support or comfort from him when I been needing it for the past year or so I just don't know what to do anymore I feel so alone

Sounds like it's time to break up with him

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Whats it mean when a girl at a party on Saturday takes me to the bathroom unzips her pants and flashes me her vjj? She said i can feel it but i said no and now shes texting me daily trying to hangout and that freaked me out because i'm a virgin i never been with a girl and yeah that was scary to me

Sounds like she may have wanted to have sex with you but if you're not comfortable with her being forward like that you should probably say something

Same here :) who would you like to see win out of those 2?

TestingMyPatience01’s Profile PhotoAshley
Oooh tough question. I feel for Edmonton fans because of how bad both them and the Leafs were at the same time but also don't mind Calgary. Either way I want it to go to 7 lol
How about you?

Anyone ever have a boyfriend that blames you for everything but himself?

That sounds like an unhealthy relationship

How do you feel about this app? I'm on and off because its sooo boring

Earth2087’s Profile PhotoLeja
I'm only on it for a few minutes at a time

True or false, people that were ugly in high-school become attractive after it while the ones that were attractive in high-school fall off

Not always true

Do you only apply to positions that list a salary? Why or why not?

Generally yeah, because I'd like to have an idea of how much I would be making if I were to be hired. Got underpaid at my last job, and I want to avoid that happening again


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