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I've been on Twitter most of the time, signing potions and spreading the word. My heart aches and there's not much I can say, I'm hoping people will join the new revolutionary moment with us. To create a safe place for all colors. To change what was wrongfully put into people's minds, change perceptions of people. Bring justice and get rid of prejudice. I'm hoping this all makes sense, speaking is volume. But also don't let color define you, you're blood. You're human and most importantly gods creation. This is not a trend it's fucking reality. Make it that all black people have the rights, make it that they can eat as much as privileged people can. Bring light and peace. End this tragic life not for us but for black people! Black lives fucking matter. Ducking make it a priority and shed light.

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You are a real one babe. The realest of them all. I believe people can change for all sides but you just remain you. You don’t ever change and that’s what’s to love about you. You have grown and remain a superior Stan of criminal minds. Most of all you have been with through the thickest. Fr Ily❤️

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I missed u sm. The remaining of my superiority goes to u. Uve officially have won my heart. Thank u though without u I wouldn’t I wouldn’t have opened my eyes. hope to always remain to remain this close with a soulmate for a long time.

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