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Have you ever been so deeply in love that three inches felt like nine?

Itna subah subah kheeray khanay ka mann kr raha??

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So baby pull me closer in the back seat of your rover that i know u can't afford.....but khair hai civic b chaly gi ;)

Waah .. shukar h tm 6 mahinay miss hogye.
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How many times did you forgive them without an apology?

Never demanded apology... I hope you'll understand.

Hey, I am a university student. There is a psycho guy who continuously follows me wherever I go. I said No but still, he send me requests thousands of times. I feel so insecure when I see him. What should I do?

Tell about him to someone you feel secure with..

Can anyone tell me “اردو” ko English mein Kia bolte hi 🤷🏻‍♂️🤭

National Language of Pakistani People.
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Yes Boys also cry if they lose their girl😢 In front of their next targeted girl 🤓

Nh iss trh k kaam mne nh kiay.
Target wly .
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