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Would it be weird if I just text someone that I miss them?

Well make sure that the number is Still Registered Under Your friend's name And Try to be polite about it

Hi..I just saw you at Walmart. I didn’t wanna leave u so I followed u, I can’t stop looking at you.

Which one cause i was At The N. Chicago Walmart on that one day and Before that i was at the 76th St. Walmart

Who are you.. When nobody’s watching..?

Well Just A Normal Furry That Sometimes Wan to Wear Diapers Just For The Hell of it and wishing that I had Someone treat me like a Baby

do you still celebrate your birthday?

All Depends on If i could have a Bday TO Be Just Diaper In public

What can I do to impress you

If You Message me To Talk about My Diaper Wearing I wan to be Having Diapers and Not Have Normal Stuff

What makes you think I'm gonna message you first again??? I'm so over doing that.

What I love When others ask me questions

After this I don’t want you as a friend. I wanna be here for you as guidance because you’re so fucking lost

What do You mean please Explain


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