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Is it wrong to be embarrassed by my own behavior from the time I was younger? I was a bully and I’d say things to hurt people. I mean I was a teenager, you can’t expect a 16/17 year old to have the mature mindset of a full grown adult but still, that’s not an excuse. I was horrible.

The fact that you feel bad means you've grown as a person

How do you like to relax at the end of the day? I just take a bath and then get in bed to watch netflix before I sleep.

Take a dab and put on a documentary

I can't stand females. They lie, cheat and pretend. Being kind and supportive isn't enough to get a girlfriend. Females want good looking guys who have a lot of money. If you aren't good looking or rich it's a lot harder to get a girlfriend. What you gotta say about this

I stopped reading after female
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