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What's wrong with this world?

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Alot of things even after wwi & ww2, despite it shouldnt be that complicated now. For 1. I'll ask your god, why he didn't make us immortal. 2. If he done us all in his perfect image, why are we destined to starve w/society. 3.Everyones ageist, wouldn't a perfect world be where everyone never ages, or can be at a age they like best? 4.Everyones a heavy critic & get upset so easily now. I cant express my opinion without offending someone else, but thats life. I dont find movements to be worth it if I cant relate to their problem. 5.This life has never been equal financially nor by relationships(I see it as a 80%Male:30%Female in this world with no socially accepted solutions in sight). Has more downs than ups, no organized online work, no suburb local trains to beaches, a single's pov that wants to be taken gets shunned down upon unless they female most times. 6. Pain & sorrow, why did it had to exist(But this coordinates back with questions#1-6)

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Ran into a lot of people who just aren't genuine. My friend who's really more upper class just words it as incompetent and it really is

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