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do you think there is at least one reality television show that isn't scripted, that may actually be 100% real with the drama, romance, etcetera? if so, which show do you think that is?

altxoxo’s Profile Photomorgan↠
I mean a lot of the cast and crew of Dance Moms say that the early seasons weren't scripted so I mean you have that if it counts...

when she doesn’t read ur snap for 3 days what does that mean ?

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photorose
Maybe she's just really busy not everyone is on their phone 24/7

Whats? album you can listen too from start to finish. I can think of several but slipknot- iowa comes to mind almost immediately

ElTigreDelsol’s Profile PhotoElTigreDelsol
Definitely Over the Garden Wall's soundtrack
Forget listening to it start to finish I can listen to it all day

So much rude people on this platform why be so rude with strangers

vinessa30’s Profile PhotoVinessa Danisy
True but the rude people on here don't really bug me that much it's manly the people that think this is some dating/sex app that do

If you could mention on here who you don't like without mentioning their full username, who is an example of someone?

gggssaq’s Profile Photo1
I only answer questions on here so idk

Have you binge watched any shows recently?

VibeWithMex0’s Profile PhotoJAZ ✨
Yes, Spy x Family
Finished it in 2 days... tho I can't seem to find episode 12 part 2 in English for some reason

What's your vision for 2023 ?

Grac3fulBella86’s Profile PhotoJaiBella
Didn't know people are still asking people what 2023 would be like for them
Like bruh you do know January is already almost over right

show you're currently binge watching?

VibeWithMex0’s Profile PhotoJAZ ✨
Not binge watching anything right now but the last thing I binge watched was Spy x Family (tho I still can't find the last ep in English for some reason :()

Who is on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok?

anonomously50503’s Profile PhotoSheye29
I have Facebook but I don't even go on it let alone post things
I have a Twitter but same thing with Facebook tbh I only made Twitter to follow Wizard101 now I just retweet things
You will never see me on Tik Tok ew


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