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What do you think about TikTok possibly getting banned if it’s not sold?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
I could honestly care less about TikTok but I am concerned about CapCut tho and a bit scared

I feel like anyone who says they don’t like country music hasn’t found their country artist. Country music is comfort music!

Country music is nice but I honestly could care less about it mostly listen to rock or pop

What’s the last song you had stuck in your head? “Runaway” by Del Shannon has been haunting me for two weeks…

Zero by Imagine Dragons

I’m having French bread pizza for dinner specifically because I’m watching “Napoleon” tonight. Am I the only one that does dorky sh!t like that?

Eating pizza while watching a show or movie isn't anything new, you aren't quirky or weird by doing so

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What is your favorite song atm? Need some new music recommendations 🎶👌🏻

Madylw19’s Profile PhotoMady
Atm nothing but my 2 top fav songs are
Nightmares Never End - jt music
Rest in Pieces - NerdOut


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