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Arab and Saudi Jordanians believe that I 13Salha14july19901am the Virgin Mary.. They insulted the 10-year-old child girl for the sake of my holiness in front of me, but I did nothing, she deserved

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I don't have any scars on my face, but I do have moles and one wart that I removed and freckles, and sometimes a little acne from time to time

Nisreen14july1990’s Profile PhotoSalha14july1990
I have curly hair that is a bit slow growing but healthy black-darkbrown
I dont have any scars on my face but I do have moles and one wart that I removed

the intervening two valleys known for : a lot of beautiful women there, they call us al mualimi tribe

Nisreen14july1990’s Profile PhotoSalha14july1990
this is what I hear from others ! The neighboring tribes here
Maybe it's something
the intervening two valleys known for  a lot of beautiful women there they call

@NoonWinds Al Noon Saken Tafshatin is not from us, we are Al Raheli but we are all united by the name of the same tribe Al Mualimi not the roots of the family or genes

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their paternal grandmother'Raya' who came here 1600s - 1700s is not our grandmother
My father Gassim is not too old to know much about this

Everyone knows Felicity JonesasJyn Erso, a young renegade woman who is detained for her crimes against theEmpireuntil she is freed by theRebel Allianceto help steal the plans for the Death Star.[9][10]Beau Gadsdon as eight-year-old JynDolly Gadsdon as four-year-old Jyn Rogue One 2016 is me

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In @FelicityJones7181 & vice versa
this has absolutely nothing to do with @RunF0r by 2016 she's been dead since 1988 with her family at that time it means that they are not present within the framework of your benefits except as a cover only when you needed
I tell the truth so that no one chokes me, it's not my fault

Are you apart of any fb groups?

BritneyIsBack’s Profile PhotoOBII SHIINOBII
I am the leader or part of a free fire group.
this is not me I am a Pisces moon.
Aisha9/8november1994 just became isolated and did not go out much in her later years after school about 20 age
Are you apart of any fb groups

Why do people do certain things and act like you were the problem...??

Grac3fulBella86’s Profile PhotoJaiBella
All the time I advise my brother18june2000 but he runs away from me. My mother12Nora13/14june1976 and 10Mariam9/8july1996 are similar in behavior, they do not care, 10Aisha9/8november1994 is peaceful and isolated. I drive home with my dad more than my mom12nora13/14june1976

Have you ever made payments on a car ? Did you feel stressed ?

No, I don't drive yet, but I would like to do.
These days I am trying to take care of my health and lose weight

I think 2Salha3/2/1july2005 here

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Salha3july2005 has a long face, and she loves photography. She also has big lips, and she wears braces, but she is beautiful. Her hair is very soft black, and she is a copy of her mother, Shagrah1970s
I think 2Salha321july2005 here

Overall, do you have a positive or negative attitude?

NothingisEasy86990’s Profile PhotoNothing is Easy
I think I am a steady person, for example, if I sit in a place, I will never move until the work is done.
I am not distracted nor much movement

When you dream is it in color or black and white?

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I remember dreaming of someone chasing me while I was running and falling from the top of a mountain, perhaps since 2000. I remember seeing a giant monster trying to catch me. I dream a lot like my mother12Nora13/14june1976 and @mariam16may1986

How concerned are you about your future?

gggssaq’s Profile Photouɐʇs ɥʇᴉʍ sǝɯʎɥɹ
I used to cheat at university, they couldn't catch me, they used to catch my friends. Everyone cheats and I don't want to waste time just re-testing
it's Not because I'm stupid, but some of our teachers have been very meticulous


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