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привет, могу попросить о помощи? тут 5 сек, если не трудно, можешь ли вступить в группу, что у меня в последнем вопросе весит?) просто в вк забанить за спам может, + неудобно как-то, потому и с фейка пишу) поможешь своей знакомой очень)


Не уверен, что вы имеете в виду

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Привет,+1 Любвиии Подпишись пожалуйста на мой инстаграмм - okeanvl


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Привет, можешь оценить, пожалуйста моё новое видео у меня на первом ответе, а я тебе 50 лайков и подписку))

Аким Петров

Конечно, и вы действительно привлекательны

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Вступи пожалуйста а я пролайкаю тебя ❤

Askar Abdrahman

я следую за тобой

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Давай взаимные лайки? Ты мне 20-30, а я тебе @id357184968


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What's your favorite oldies artist/band?

Too many to name

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может го взаимные подписки на инст?) у меня ник в аске, такой же как и в инсте, го) ждууууу

Do you agree with the saying that if you love yourself, others will love you too?

Not really. I mean, i see why people say that but at the same time it not 100 perfect true, because if you're in a relationship people get jealous

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Which celebrity never deserved to be popular?

Kim k. She made a sex tape and have a body. By that logic, everyone should be famous.

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Entertainment of the day!


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What's the last movie you watched in a cinema?

I think it was Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is my shit. The old one tho, I haven't seen the new one yet.

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Do you believe in love at first sight?


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What's more important - inner or outer beauty?

Both but i feel like inner beauty is better

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What's one thing your parents do not know about you?


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Does anyone else suffer from depression?

Many people. Know that tons of people's deal with it and learn how to deal with it positively.

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Sweet or salty snacks?


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Do you have a beloved person? If yes, how did you get acquainted?

Kinda and Facebook

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What's the most badass thing you have ever done?

Not sure

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Is it possible to stay friends with a person you have loved before?

Yea but it takes hard work to maintain

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What’s your favorite restaurant to eat at?

My house

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Would you leave your home country for the one you love?

Hell yeah. Fuck the US

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What has life taught you so far?

The day i lost my best friend

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What's the funniest surname you have ever seen?

Not sure, I seen a lot of funny surnames to just pick one

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What makes you facepalm?

Our cheeto and chef

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