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Why do you think people have negative opinions about online dating?

It's because it's not real unless you met the person in real life. Everything can be fake and pretend online. You will never truly know someone unless you travel with them, be with them on bad times and live with them under thesame roof.
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Kapag first time mo makipag meet sa isang tao, kinakabahan ka ba?

valdeguzman24’s Profile Photoshitty
Oo naman, sympre diba hindi mo alam kung may masamang balak ba yung tao. Malay mo rapist o mamatay tao pala siya. Ingat ka po.
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Sun or moon?

mackiemarcos22’s Profile Photoprince marcos
Sun because its more important. Without our Sun, we wouldn't have sunlight. No source for photosynthesis. 99% of plants die out. Animals who feed on the plants usually die out, though it's possible for them to cannibalize; that would only delay the inevitable. All species require the light and, if not, at least the food.
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anong pinagdadasal mo ngayon?

Una sa lahat, good health and protection from God. Wala naman akong ibang pinagpripray, mahalaga lang malusog tayo at malayo sa kapahamakan.
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Ilan na coins niyo?

Cyra0815’s Profile PhotoCandice
0! Paano ba mag earn ng coins? kakabalik ko lang sa ask.fm after many years of hiatus. Wala akong idea kung paano mag earn ng coins at wala din naman nag lilike ng post ko.
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Nagdadamit kaba ng ukay ukay ng damit?

KarlaJoyPradoQuesada’s Profile PhotoLady Tzunade
Oo naman, ang gaganda at unique at wala kang katulad kaya mga damit nabibili ko dun tapos mura pa. Wala namang masama kung magsuot ng damit na binili sa ukay ukay.
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Give me a song that you would love played at your wedding day

boobatea’s Profile PhotoCB
1. All For You- The Light the Heat
2. Forevermore-Side A
3. She-Elvis Costello
4. Tuyo-Rodrigo Amarante (Narcos Theme Song)
5.She's The One-Robbie Williams
6.Et si tu n´existais pas- Joe Dassin (Malcom B Remix)
7. 3 Daqat- Abu Ft. Yousra (Dj Rabih Kreidy Cover Remix)
8.Pangako Sayo- Rey Valera
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Filipino breakfast special 🌞 Choose 3 food and a drink for your almusal: Sinangag, Tuyo, Daing na Bangus, pritong isda, Corned Beef, Itlog, tapa, longanisa, tocino, meatloaf, luncheon meat, tuna, fried chicken, pandesal, puto, sliced bread, cake, donut, saging, kamote, kakanin, kape, choco, juice

HumbleRS05’s Profile PhotoMOND
Tuyo, tocino, choco. Gusto sana isama ung pandesal kaso 3 lang dapat.

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