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No matter the situation you are in, keep on pushing. Living is beautiful with a positive mindset. Stay safe! — what events affected you heavily that you see differently than before?

I was already someone who kept to themselves before the pandemic but after the pandemic, I became more of a recluse, only ever communicating with my parents and hardly ever leaving my room. I do still go out to socialize for a change sometimes but it isn’t the same as it used to be considering I moved elsewhere in the same state and am either not really familiar with those who are Turkish like me and happen to live around where I live or I just don’t click with them. I don’t know any other community besides the community my parents are a part of that I grew up around and unfortunately, since I haven’t tried getting closer to those I went to school with, I no longer have contact with them either. My “best friend” blocked me everywhere instead of talking about what bothered her the most about what I did and it made me realize that I needed to interact with people who are more mature than that but that’s also rare to find too. I’m guessing my life will continue being the way it is until I get a job and also find more opportunities where I can socialize with all kinds of people rather than a select few only. In the end, I realized that there are some people who look for excuses to stay whereas others look for an excuse to leave.

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Do some black teachers treat some students better cuz there black too?

No but it’s similar to how there’s a sense of familiarity when I’m around other Turkish people because we come from the same culture and have more things in common compared to those who aren’t Turkish. But, that doesn’t mean that there’s favoritism and that I treat others unfairly.

How would you describe your religious background?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
My family is religious but as a Muslim, I myself am not very religious considering I don’t pray regularly and have also found myself feeling uncomfortable at the thought of living a religious lifestyle. I used to attend Saturday school when I was younger (which is when elementary students take religious classes on Saturday in the Turkish community that I’m a part of). In middle school and high school, I would have a religious mentor that I would look up to and look forward to seeing every weekend with my other Turkish friends that I usually had sleepovers with where I would read religious books and pray with them while also having meaningful conversations. Since I am now in college, I’m at an age where I myself can be a mentor but since I don’t practice religion like I used to in the past and am not very confident in my abilities to be a mentor to middle/high school girls, I’m not. Even tho I’m still a part of this Turkish community, I generally don’t feel like I could relate to my Muslim friends on a religious level. I probably would have a difficult time with praying five times a day like the people in the community that I’m a part of usually feel obligated to do, since it’s a requirement in the religion I follow. I’m more interested in having spiritual and “real life” conversations with others, rather than worrying about the afterlife and feeling guilty for not praying (now that I’m older and can make my own decisions). The lack of religious activities I do on a daily basis is one of the main reasons why I don’t attend Turkish camps anymore, where I know I’m expected to take part in religious activities.

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do you like your neighbors?

I don’t interact with them since I keep to myself for the most part and have problems of my own that make it harder for me to interact with others in person. There’s also another Turkish family that lives in the same neighborhood as our family so their kids and my little sister hangout every so often. My neighbors seem like nice people tho 🤗

Why do old men in Turkish series carry this bracelet/necklace thingy in their hands? is it like a muslim/middle eastern thing?

Those are used to recite certain religious words/terms a few times by going over the beads while reciting those words to make sure you recited them a certain number of times. But, I guess some Turkish men like to carry them around for aesthetic purposes but the main purpose of that bracelet/necklace is to count/keep track of the words you recite usually after a prayer. I guess you can call it a Muslim/middle eastern thing :)

What are your hobbies, and how did you get into them?

AlienXWorld’s Profile PhotoAshley The Astronaut
I used to play volleyball and I got into it when a Turkish volleyball coach came to the US and was looking for a way to make money as well as utilize her volleyball skills so she agreed to be a coach for the Turkish girls and it was going great until it was over one day. I also love listening to music and I was into it ever since I was a kid so as soon as I got my very first iPhone in high school, I made it my mission to download a music app and came across Spotify.

When was the last time you felt nervous and for what? How did it go? 😬🤞

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I agreed on going to this social gathering where Turkish people would be dancing and there was also only one type of food being served there. I thought I was going to get backhanded compliments for sure and/or bullied when I got there but I was welcomed and didn’t feel as awkward as I thought I would feel. When I got home, I was nervous again as I had an assignment that was due the day after tomorrow and I still haven’t started it yet nor did I have a clue as to what the assignment was about so I reluctantly asked my dad to help me, knowing he was going to be upset with how oblivious and detached I was when it came to my classes. I was able to do the assignment but ended up misunderstanding the instructions and got nervous about what to do all over again and it was fine in the end but it did suck to have to make up for the irresponsible mistake I made.

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What's your opinion on people who speak English as a secondary language?

sunnysidemilkshake’s Profile PhotoKyoto
That’s me lol. I think that how quickly someone learns English depends on how interested they are in learning the language and if they make an effort to learn rather than thinking that they’re already good at English when in reality, they might need help. I was never really interested in English as much as I was interested in speaking Turkish so I took ESL for 5 years and didn’t make much of an effort to be good at reading/writing/speaking in the English language until later on. My little brother would always speak English tho (and he still does to this day) and with time, I felt more comfortable with speaking English and took creative writing for two years, which really helped me develop a passion for the language. Unfortunately, my Turkish isn’t as great as it used to be (in my opinion) and I think it has a lot to do with not speaking in Turkish as often as I used to.

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Do you think it's rude when people speak in a language you don't understand? My friend added their friend to our conversation, and they're both speaking their native language that I don't understand. What if they're talking sh*t about me?

I think it’s kind of rude. My friend and I used to speak in Turkish around those we went to school with in middle school and we did it to annoy them. Maybe you should tell your friends that you want to be more involved in the conversation with them and politely tell them to speak in the language you all know/understand. If they refuse, they’re probably not the right friends for you.

Shout-out: who else is tired of winter? I can’t wait until the weather gets warmer.

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJ
I definitely need summer to come here soon because these four classes that can be hard to keep up with is exhausting and idk what I would do without receiving help from anyone as I’m not the most independent person there is out there. Hopefully I’ll get to go to Turkey again this summer but if my grandparents decide to come here instead, I wouldn’t be able to go. As exhausting as it was, I miss being active and walking from place to place in Turkey as well as speaking Turkish more often so I don’t completely end up forgetting my native language.

I want to find new people on ask fm but there are none.

I complain to my parents about not being able to find long term friends that I can actually see in person and my mom reminds me that if I don’t leave the house and hangout with the Turkish girls who live around where I live, I won’t have a social life and that sucks because I don’t want to limit my options and I’m open to making friends outside of the only community my mom knows and interacts with.

ما تجيبوا last copy 🎶

lailasalah6’s Profile PhotoMEOO♡
Dear Mr./Mrs.,
I am writing to express my strong interest in the Turkish translator position at your company. After reading the job description, I am particularly drawn to the opportunity to work remotely with your team. As a native Turkish speaker and with my expertise in Turkish linguistics gained through my masters degree from Ain Shams University, I believe I would be a valuable asset to your organization.

When you are alone, do you find peace, or unrest?

I’m usually restless when I’m alone and I’m alone almost all the time. It’s sometimes peaceful when I have something to do like text my friends, watch a movie or YouTube videos but afterwards I just think, “What’s next and when will I ever have company in person again?” I’m sometimes worried that I’ll finish watching every movie I like, finish reading every “good” book I find and do everything there is to do when one is all alone and won’t have anything to do after a certain point, which would be a nightmare for an introverted person like me. I’m looking for friends but only online these days and currently can’t visit the friends I could’ve easily visited back when I used to live closer to them. I have yet to introduce myself to those who are Turkish like me and are around my age group where I currently live but for the most part, I haven’t been able to get along with those who I already happen to know from the past who currently live where I live and it seems like nothing much has changed, considering I sent an old friend of mine (who also lives in the same state as me) a DM on Instagram and she didn’t even bother reading the message. I hope that I’ll find someone in person who makes me feel at peace while I’m around them no matter how much of an introvert I am because at the end of the day, I still get bored like everyone else does after a certain point and the thought of not being able to have anyone to vent and open up to hurts to come to terms with.

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What's a family tradition you have that not a lot of people do?

dante_aligh’s Profile PhotoDonovan
I think many Turkish families might also do this and I’m not sure if anyone else who isn’t Turkish does this but it’s having tea time together while watching movies at night almost on a daily basis. My mom also cooks biryani every once in a while and this has become a tradition ever since we used to live in an apartment with a neighbor who was/is originally from Pakistan.

How do you feel about missed opportunities?

Sometimes I feel resentful and envy my peers who are about to graduate soon because I wasted three of my college years and am still struggling with the classes that I currently take. But, I realize that I can’t go back and change my mindset that held me back academically in the past but I can try making up for it now. I also feel angry over the missed opportunities that have to do with others not letting me know about certain events that are being held in the Turkish community that I used to be closer to in the past. I think that informing me about the events that are happening in the Turkish community is the least my Turkish friends can do for me these days, especially since they know I want to be included in social events/gatherings as I have brought up my complaints about being left out multiple times.

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Do you consider English or Turkish your first language? I have family who lives in Spain, they moved there when my cousin was only 1. He is 17 now and he refuses to speak any other language than Spanish which he considers his native language, having grown up in Spain.

I actually never really wanted to speak English for the longest time and preferred speaking Turkish when I was a kid so I find Turkish as my native language. As I got older and my little brother always spoke English, I started speaking English more often and now I’m trying to get an associates degree in English lol.

Have any of your friends' gf's or bf's ever tried to get with you? How did you handle the situation?

That’s never happened and doesn’t seem likely to happen either, since my friends usually are either engaged or about to get married (so what they have is more serious than being in a relationship alone and it would be considered absurd for that situation to happen in the Turkish society that I’m a part of).

Have you ever participated in a play when you were a kid? When I was in school, my teacher encouraged me to give it a try which I did, but it wasn't my thing; I was too anxious. I also recall one instance where we (white kids) had to dress up as Native. Yikes

I don’t see how dressing up as a Native is weird, regardless of whether or not you’re a Native irl considering it’s just a play and it doesn’t have to be very realistic. I get being anxious since I myself have anxiety when being on stage/having to perform in front of an audience. I actually did participate in a play when I was younger with some other Turkish kids like me at the time. It was alright since it was just us practicing and taking an acting class but we didn’t have to perform in front of our parents/other adults and if some of the kids did have to perform in front of a bunch of adults, I wasn’t one of them.

What do you usually do on Christmas Eve? 🎄 🎅 🎁 🌰 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Շєภคςเ๏ยร Շ๏๓๓คץ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I’m usually with my family but feel lonely (especially this year) because I don’t have friends coming over and other families don’t visit us either so it’s like ever other day for me. In the past, I would’ve met up with old friends but it looks like we as a family aren’t going to the hotel and staying there for a couple of days like we usual would during winter break (for the sake of reuniting with some other Turkish families that also live in the US).

Who has been an early positive influence in your life? How do you cherish their existence? 💭

syeda9’s Profile PhotoSyeda
Someone who has been an early positive influence in my life would have to be a Turkish mentor of mine who taught me the importance of always being kind and she also helped me open up more (which I eventually did since I saw her every weekend back when I was in 8th grade). I cherish her by sending her happy birthday messages and by reminiscing the past as I talk to her about the memories we’ve made from time to time again and thank her for helping me be the person that I am today 🥰

My mom says I should find Turkish people (like me) to befriend and says that I don’t attend gatherings with them very often which is why I don’t have Turkish friends. How do I interact with them when they don’t invite me anywhere or reach out to me and ignore my attempts when I reach out?

Why want to be friends with people that ignore you? Why do they have to be Turkish? A good friend can come in any nationality. Find someone that will appreciate your friendship.

Mara ap ignore krlo bus ab

Yar wo kafir indian hai Kal iski Maine boaht li thi tw ab bechara bol Raha hai mujhy koi farq NAHI parta qk indian hai matlb koi Russian ho Turkish ho koi good looking country ka larka ho phir Kuch samjh Aaye laiekn indian hahhahaa Yara Mai ab Kuch kehna NAHI chahti looks ki BAAT b Kon kar raha hai lol 😂

Would a woman who has spent her entire life in New York be able to adapt to a new life on a farm in the South if that's where the man she loves lives?

She just might be able to but of course there’s no guarantee that it’ll be an easy process for her. I can imagine myself making adjustments for the man that I love and if she truly loves him, she will try her best to adjust and make the most out of living on a farm in the South. Of course they can move later on but love is about making sacrifices and this is a sacrifice she will most likely have to make (unless her and her man are ok with long distance). My mom lived in Erie with me for a few years and even tho she never really got used to living there, it was ok because we eventually moved as a family to another place when my dad found a job somewhere else and my mom was happier to be around more Turkish families after feeling isolated and alone in Erie. This just goes to show that everything is temporary and change is always possible.

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Do you listen to Turkish songs?

بالكاد أعجبتني ٣ أغاني..
اللغة وقعها على السمع مو حلو، لحنها شرقي واللغة غير محبوبة سمعيًا.
التركية عمومًا اكتسبت شهرتها من مسلسلاتها اللي نصها شغل عصابات والنص الثاني علاقات فوضوية وعنف ضد النساء.

Do you ever think about people from your past whom you haven't seen in years? This song got me thinking about this girl who was my grandma's neighbor. Whenever I visited grandma, I'd hang out with her. She was around my age, and we'd listen to music on her iPod, lol. I wonder where she is now.

Yes, I still think about my peers from high school even though I haven’t seen them in years. I have some of them added on Snapchat and follow a few of them on Instagram so I know what some of them are up to these days but still feel the disconnect since we don’t talk to or see each other anymore. I’m just upset that none of them bothered to reach out to me despite saying hi to me when they’d see me at school and I myself have reached out to a few of them only to get blocked without an explanation. But sometimes, I also think about my childhood friends and what they’re up to these days since I haven’t seen some of them in 10+ years without any phone calls in between, especially my friend back when I was in second grade who went back to Turkey (where she’s originally from) after a year of staying in the US. She’s probably more fluent in Turkish than me at this point and maybe she lives a more “interesting” life than I do these days but I’m hoping that I’ll get to talk to her in the future (that is, if my mom still has her mom’s phone number/contact info).

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Have you ever been in a relationship that everyone was against ?

I might just be in one in the future since my parents think I’m not ready to be in a relationship anytime soon and if they won’t help me find someone then I’ll have no other choice but to seek out a partner on my own and they may or may not like who I chose but that’s on them. It all depends on whether or not the other Turkish people around me introduce me to a guy who also happens to be Turkish like me :)

When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great?

ass4lyfe’s Profile PhotoLady Boometh
I used to have sleepovers with other Turkish girls around my age back when I started middle school and they would always forget about me in conversations as well as have something negative to say whenever I’d try to join their conversations. By 8th grade, I’ve made immense progress in the way I approached others/communicated and was also on antidepressants so I felt more emotionally balanced and appreciated by the girls I had sleepovers with, since I wasn’t always quiet like I was in the very beginning and knew as well as said just the right things to make other group members happy. Unfortunately, I don’t see them anymore but at least I can say that I’ve made some great memories before parting ways with them :)

To my American ask-friends. What does Thanksgiving mean to you? What are you celebrating? I am interested in personal perspective rather than generic definitions from Google.

Even though I have lived and grew up in the US, I’m still Turkish and Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday in Turkey but, we as a family still celebrate Thanksgiving sometimes by inviting Turkish friends and families over our house and we serve Turkey of course. To me, it’s just a time to contemplate on what the meaning of life is to me and to take a short break from school and focus more on bonding with people (which is amazing because I typically don’t spend much time with anyone irl and am almost always isolating myself from the world so it helps keep me grounded and more connected to other individuals). Even though the holiday is very brief, it still means a lot to me because without it, I probably wouldn’t have much of an opportunity to see others in person and the only time I would “socialize” is when I go to my in person classes and listen to lectures while being around peers but hardly ever talking to them.

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Buenos días 😘🌞 estoy por la Ciudad y me preguntaba que si tienes tiempo en practicar conmigo os dejo aquí mi Telegram @Mirimartoss

bibimartos’s Profile Photoᶠᵃˡˡᵉⁿ ᵃⁿᵍᵉˡ
It is disrespectful to write to a person in Spanish, Italian, Turkish or any other language that he most likely does not know. Do you find it difficult to write in English? Okay, but I’m too lazy to translate and answer in your own language
Buenos días  estoy por la Ciudad y me preguntaba que si tienes tiempo en

If you Loved someone really loved someone but the didn't love you back what would you do and how would you go about it?

Timewehad’s Profile PhotoEgg_Headz
I’ve had this happen before and initially, I was a little surprised and taken aback when they blocked me on Snapchat after I took a screenshot of them on their story (and I didn’t know how the app worked because I just downloaded the app at the time). Things between us as friends were already going downhill anyways so it’s not like I had much hope that our friendship would continue, especially after they rejected me and tried pushing me away by encouraging me to talk to other guys when they found out that I liked them as more than a friend. I then saw them again a few years later at this hotel we were both staying in (because there was a Turkish gathering happening in the hotel and him and I are both Turkish) and I cried nonstop afterwards because they refused to even look at my face/acknowledge my presence and that hurt a lot because to me, it was their way of saying they couldn’t care less about my existence. Eventually, I got over them but still hoped that we could be friends so a few years later, I added them again on Snapchat through their new account they made that I saw due to having mutual friends and they admitted that they couldn’t care less about me adding them and we talked for some time… only for them to unadd me once I sent them a selfie and then I got ghosted when I sent them one last message on snap. Now, I’m the one who couldn’t care less about them and every desire to interact with them/see them again is completely gone. The love that I had for them isn’t there anymore.

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Do you think Kim Kardashian is a pretty girl?

She’s definitely not a girl but a woman. I think she’s pretty but I heard that she doesn’t like people who are Turkish (people like me) so I don’t follow her on social media and feel bad that she’s unable to see that not all Turks are bad.

Какой ?Трек который поднимет настроение всегда 🤪

В.А.Моцарт-Маленькая ночная серенада-рондо
https://youtu.be/adBYMbCj59Ivjzemski’s Video 175137202374 adBYMbCj59Ivjzemski’s Video 175137202374 adBYMbCj59I
В. А. Моцарт "Турецкий марш - W. A. Mozart "Turkish March"
https://youtu.be/JZh6hCMc-cUvjzemski’s Video 175137202374 JZh6hCMc-cUvjzemski’s Video 175137202374 JZh6hCMc-cU

English urdu pashto sindhi kashmiri punjabi french spanish arabic turkish.

there is this one girl on twitter who is constantly ranting every minute about how much she hates studying for her embryology exam and now this upper limb lower limb chapter, mtlb agar medicine parhna itna hee zehr lagta hai tou why the f are u even doing it??? just effing DROPOUT lmao. there are hundreds of paki kids who are dying to be a doc, but aren't too privileged to become one.

What food do you most often order to-go?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoWhat Dust?
I most often have pizza! One of my favorites are kebab pizza. It's basically unique to Sweden which is weird since it's a very unholy mix of Italian and Turkish cuisine but I certainly don't mind 😋 It's like the ultimate hangover food Haha
(Not my picture)
What food do you most often order togo

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