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Has anyone ever given you an attitude at your work place or made it very clear that they don’t like you?

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At a place I used to work at, there was one co-worker who didn't directly make it clear to me face to face, but I did over hear her talking behind my back. Thankfully I have not had to deal with her for a decade now.
How about you?
Oh yes for sure. He even did it in front of the coworkers. So, during peak period I bailed outta there through the exit in the laundry room. And I can hear him on the walkie-talkie calling my name lol was so priceless. It felt like that scene in that Ted Bundy movie on Netflix when he jumps out the window. I literally could hear that song as soon as I began preparing my escape lol
If it’s at work, I don’t give a fuck do your job I always do mine. If it’s on my free time, my dime, or my mind, kick rocks I ain’t asking nobody to kick it, and I ain’t even mad about it. Do you, I expect not to be liked by everyone, I voice my opinions and not every body likes that kind of confrontation and that doesn’t bother me at. Have a blessed day with your own kind or like me most the time your own self.

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