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Someone who is faithful or someone you have history with?

Um hellooo....I want a faithful partner. History belongs in the past and I already learned my lesson in that course. Time to ace it this time around

What does a grown ass adult even talk about on askfm? Bills? Baby’s? They child? Retirment….

Not everyone's the same

Tony v it’s Across too the left and too the Right down too the left tony V

Almost looked like an old retro video game password

Has anyone ever given you an attitude at your work place or made it very clear that they don’t like you?

Oh yes for sure. He even did it in front of the coworkers. So, during peak period I bailed outta there through the exit in the laundry room. And I can hear him on the walkie-talkie calling my name lol was so priceless. It felt like that scene in that Ted Bundy movie on Netflix when he jumps out the window. I literally could hear that song as soon as I began preparing my escape lol

You were never there not even when it mattered i love how you blame me for everything to make yourself feel better about everything tho whatever helps you sleep better at night

Yeah! You tell that skank!

What’s the largest age gap between you and a date? Asking because I’m a 40 y/o man going out with a 18 y/o man tomorrow.



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