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Young people especially teenagers are very annoying and I can't interact with them. I hate to admit it but I'm getting old. I guess that's happens when you reach 30

30 kills? I’ve got more than that, teenagers are easy! It’s the elderly you need to watch out for, all that life experience makes them crafty…

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What your favourite drink

Hooker sweat! Very refreshing, and if you keep enough of them locked-up in your basement, you never run out!!!

This app is lame, full of bots and boring people who ask things about subjects I couldn't care less about. No human with half a brain would resist here longer than 24h, this is a moronic app for morons. Installing it was a mistake, I'm outta here.

Guards, seize them!!!

at what age do people grow grey hair? i'm 28 and i dont have any yet.

You don’t have any hair? No need to worry about grey ones, then!🥳

Are you pale

Only when there’s a knock on the door. Cops are gonna catch up with me at some point… 😒

How mant hours do you spend on insta?

Never taken “insta”, but cocaine? Just my waking hours, so around 23 per day.

Why don't you date wee men?

I do - I’m an expert on porcelain figurines for the Antique Roadshow!

Do you ever worry about death

YES I’M BLOODY TERRIFIED!!! If the cops dig-up my garden I’m going to big-boy jail forever…😢

How many pillows Do you use when sleeping? 😴🛏️💤

Two; one to lay my head on and one to smother the hooker.

What’s your favourite thing about your country?

leannesmithx’s Profile PhotoLeanne Smith
They pay citizens not to have sexual relations, in order to keep the population down. I’m loaded! 😁

What did you think about the new update for the new update on the new update that you guys have already updated

It needs another update.


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