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If someone were to call you out and openly talk about your faults and mistakes in a public setting, how would you react or what would you do?

Avoid it

I would never tell anyone where I would relocate if I could. I’ve had enough people spread lies out of anger towards me. Just let me live, I’ve had enough of people dragging me into their problems and I never had any.😂


You will never know what I went through after everything, i was in shock until one day it hit me this is reality that we will never see each other again


Hey .. how can I forget a woman that I love ?

You don’t forget, u just fill your life with new ppl and make new memories to bury the old ones and learn to expect change

How many tattoos do you have ? I have 7

At the moment I don’t have any, but in the near future I would like to get one. Personally I don’t know where I want to get it and what design I want get. Where are all your tattoos at?on a scale of 1-10 how bad did they hurt?


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