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What warrants a blocking in your opinion?

You don't need any reason other than because you want to...

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What is your opinion about situationship?

I don't have an opinion because I personally haven't experienced this.

Hi, how long should you wait to propose? I mean I feel it's a varying answer.. if you know you want them, what harm is it to get engaged within a shorter time and well, stay engaged for a 2-3 years before getting married? If you love someone, you want them, you know that they're the one. Why wait?

AppetizingAsh333’s Profile PhotoSerena —lil wolf
Not waiting is the reason divorce rates are so high...

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How do you keep going knowing that the only person you care for isn't going to be there??

If they cared for me also, it would be hard. But if they don't, then I don't want anyone to be somewhere they don't want to be and that is easier for me to live with...

When/if there’s an argument between two of your friends, would you pick a side or choose to remain neutral?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
No, I stay out of that...

Do you fish for compliments?

No.. In all seriousness, compliments are nice but they only matter when coming from someone I love/care about..

If you saw someone (that you used to be close to) in your dreams, would you contact them and let them know?

Lol definitely not..

i believe you said you was and only sage would be offended here haha

What? And who is Sage? Idk wtf you are talking about...

Если вам посчастливилось знать свою бабушку, что вам запомнилось в ней больше всего? Best memory you have with your grandmother?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
The moment she realized that I always won at Phase 10 because I could see her cards from the reflection off her glasses.. 😂🤣🤦🏻‍♀️


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