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Wow you're so cruel, so guys get a kick to the most painful and weak spot but for girls you'd just go clapping around? Why is it so unfair? :D Why do girls like to kick down there so much?

Lol you take it personally🤣🤣🤣🤣 if the guy try to hurt me, obviously I have to kick the nuts to debilitate him so I can run away 🚶🏼💨💨💨💨

Looks or personality ?

Both buuuut, if the guy have good look and shitty personality, that’s a bummer to me. A no-no🤦🏻‍♀️

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Do you really think prayers make a difference?

Yes! If isn’t answered yet, maybe because there’s a better plan. While I’m on my way to my work, I like to meditate about God. My worries, my dreams, my goals. I felt to light when arrived to my job.

Always remember, “If they wanted to they would”. If someone is interested they will make time to talk to you, and not leave you on read.

Always remember If they wanted to they would If someone is interested they will

Is it a problem for you if the person you like has never been in a relationship before?

Not at all. On the contrary. I think is a good thing💕

When a girl rejected me and said no to going out with me a few times, what can I do to change her mind?

I think she showing no interest in you but you can convince her giving hints or chocolates. Think strategically 😉😉😉😉
When a girl rejected me and said no to going out with me a few times what can I

If someone cheating on u ..... Would u give them second chance? Be honest

I just can’t because I’m gonna think almost all the time when that person cheat again. The trust isn’t the same after that….

Caught my bf texting another girl. I'm furious. I'm not talking to him right now. What should I do?

Ice treatment until he can explain why he text the other one. I’m just saying 😅

Why would someone want to get close with you?

Idk, some people told me that I’m a good listener and a good adviser.


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