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What do you think of pseudo-religious people (those who fake their religiousness)?

I feel sad that they think they have to do that

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Do you go to the bathroom on a daily basis?

I’m sorry dosent everyone or is this a trick question. I mean I’m going to shower in a minute

Do you ever get the “you have repeatedly violated the Terms of Use” notification for no apparent reason?

I have and there’s no explanation for it

How to stop obsessing over someone who doesn’t want me? They text once a day and I text them immediately after receiving theirs.. it’s ruining my mental health but I love this person so much and crave their attention.

Talk to them they probably don’t know it’s bothering you
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Why do narcissists always blame other people for their problems they blame their loved ones and their past relationships for their problems and insecurities that they portray onto them the narcissist because the nurse has been shady and cheating the whole time as well as the loved ones from past

Boy that’s a mouthful and I’m not sure I follow you

If your friend barely/never compliments you would you still consider them your friend?

Sure why would I expect them to compliment me


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