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What are your thoughts on music piracy?

I do it. But being in the music industry i buy albums I really like. I support the artists I want to support. I understand there are many artists and bands out there. So you can't really support everyone you'd like. You work hard for your money too. But if they're your favorite band, buy their music, go to their shows, and buy their merch!

If you were offered to play for a more popular band would you do it? Especially if it means making more money?

I would never leave my band for another. Either I make it with them or I don't. Reflections is my baby.
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i would definitely date you and make you happy ❤️

I would never rely on someone for my own happiness

Any specific reasons for TFE over Exist? And favorite non-metal album?

I wasn't very hands on exist. I didn't get to have any input because it was so rushed.

When can I see you guys live again in Minnesota? You're a huge inspiration and I look up to all of you!

No clue! late summer/early fall?

Any tips for starting bassists?

I'm not a real bassist I suck hahahaha soooooo I guess use the internet to your advantage?!

When did you start playing bass? Can you play anything else?

Uhh when I was 16. I played saxophone back in the day and a little bit of acoustic guitar.

What do you think about Struc/tures? Rflxns and this are the first "djent" bands that I've heard a few years ago hahah

I love all of the above and divided by, my jam for a while!!!

Can I know why you don't smoke or drink? No judgement at all for I don't either but just curious on the reasons. It is impressive.

I don't like being high and I don't like being drunk. I've been drinking more beers more often, and by often I mean one drink when I go out. I don't know, just not for me. I'm a control freak when it comes to myself. I hate not being able to be in full control of myself.

I am talking about Sarah's poop I want to know what it tastes like

LOL I have no idea, you gotta try and find out yourself homie haha.

Are you happy?

If I'm being honest, no. But being happy isn't my goal, I just want to be content. Happiness comes and goes. Just like being sad.

how many pairs of clothing do you take for touring? how bad can the clothes get as they start to stink?

Way too much probably. I take a lot of stuff that I can rotate... I generally try to play in one shirt for at least 4 days. And I don't really stink tbh, it just get's sweaty and gross to wear.

This may be too personal, which I unsertand why BUT what happened with that one girl you tweet about!?

she's in africa for two years.. didnt see a future with me.. but who knows she said this and that till the day she left.


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