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Insan zehar kha le Magr doctor na bny

Toh kha ker bhi toh doctor ki zaroorat para gi phir yeh sab dekh ker kahe ya Allah ma doctor hi hota jitna paisa kaat leya😂

How to hint to someone you love?.

Just talk to him or her instead of thinking what i miss might be that become your life bestest thing or might be worse
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آپ اپنے گھر میں کونسے عہدے پر فائز ہیں؟ میں ذلیل و خوار ہوں۔

Ma bhi hojata hun lekin apno ma agar koi bhar wala kare uska ghr ghuss ker waha zaleel karta hun
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The most important principles ?.

Be honest to others if there feelings get hurt let it be just don’t lie to make them smile eventually this mistake makes your life worse
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