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I swear I get shock when I see girls not answering me and answer stupid boys and their questions. Wtf is that. She ignored my dozens of messages and rn she's talking to a coward and answering his stupid questions. I'm angry frustrated and sad

I'm confused yet amazedp how girls anwer stupid boys but only one of em is smart enough to ignore you and answers coward boys at the same time.
(Coward refers to being anon in this context, ig)

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if your so-called crush is keeping you around for the side-fling, flirts with you but doesn't have any real love emotions for you, this right here is a red flag, a major one.. you will end up ruining your own damn feelings.. Better to be available to the right one than sticking to such asshole

Scheme applicable here:
"Unko chaaah nahi hmko parwaah nahi" 🌚🔪🥂


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