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I have an interesting question, Jesus died for our sins on the cross and apparently I guess it was done by the Jews, here's the thing though, If the Jews didn't hang Jesus on the cross then we wouldn't have been pardoned of our sins, So did Jews do Christians and Catholics a favor? Think about it...

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That’s the story they tell everyone even tho none of makes any damn sense
I don’t believe organized religion in any form since it’s whole point is to control and make others control and condemn and judge each other too ( division always )
Catholics are Christians btw, but Jesus was killed by the Roman’s who didn’t think he committed any crimes worth it. Pilot even try to persuade them by releasing a know murder, the Pharojcies still condemned him and the Romans killed a man. Jesus could have called down and Army of 10k angles but he took the fall of man and became the sacrifice, for not only a few but for everyone who sinned to pass Gods wrath and enter heaven being able to pass threw the gate a sinner atoned by the blood of Christ.

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