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What’s your honest opinion on guys who insist on not helping in household chores bec. he’s the one providing food, shelter and clothing for the family. 😳

Idk never been in this situation
I provide for myself

Girls should takeout the damn trash once in a while. Not only men. Agree? 🙄

I would say so since I take out the trash always lol

Girls why do want to go over our phones? Is that because of your insecurity & suspicious nature? Justify! 😳🙄🤔 📱

I learned some hard lessons over this right here
But I will never ever invade someone’s privacy like that again and I would not allow anyone to invade mine either
If I can’t trust someone I will not waste my time
I cannot control anyone or what they do and I don’t have s as my right to try
It’s 100 percent insecurity that causes this
Insecurity and lack of trust for whatever the reason may be ..
But the answer isn’t stay and try to control them
If someone gives u a reason not to trust them then it is what is
This issue tho is not a male or female dominated type of thing .. men do it just as often to woman.
It’s always insecure and jealousy based

Are all quitters considered as losers and are all losers considered as quitters? Thoughts 💭?

No sometimes it’s smartest to know when to quit

Have been done so wrong your own family is against you

Lol my family had been against me since the day I was born
Idc what they do or say or feel about me
I cut y to hem off years ago and I don’t regret it one bit
They tried to kill me multiple times.. they are awful
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