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To understand pain one needs to feel it for himself, until and unless you go through that phase you cannot become mature. You remain the childish, impulsive and stubborn person that you became due to the presence of the comfort zone in which you stayed due to life being nothing but a game for ya!

mohammadktahir’s Profile PhotoIt's "Khu-zai-ma"
Ain’t that the truth

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Well it’s time to delete this app now that I no for sure all the I love u I miss u I need u I want u or can w start over really weren’t meant for me I was holding on to hope n something that wasnt there just simply mind games to try n hurt a person

Someone had to say all those things go you ??? Meaning most likely for a period of time they were basically begging u ?? And no doubt they got sick of it ??? And now u try to throw the evidence u were playing games the whole
Time in their face ??
Lol cmon now really ??? Lol 🤦‍♀️

Why do people hallucinate

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photonicholas
Could be on drugs , could have a mental disorder, Could’ve wish that for others, and now it’s come back on them could be facing karma and confusion they so easily put on others they may have done it to the wrong one who finally sent it back to them got tired of the bullshit and now it’s theirs to deal with


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