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Do you think the Illuminati is a real organization?

victoriannem9’s Profile PhotoVictoria
It once was and that is a part of historical record, however I do believe that it was completely dissolved by the church and the ruling class at the time. It was basically a meeting of people with similar views of the enlightenment at the time that were considered radical to the establishment of the church and aristocracy
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What made you sign up for AskFm?

To say to hi to someone that was everything to me at one point in my life and haven’t spoken in almost a decade

Do u feel comfortable around others

I’m fairly socially awkward and so it really depends on kind of the group people and the vibes I guess

What is your dream job?

victoriannem9’s Profile PhotoVictoria
I think being a professional third party comic book grader at one of the two bigger companies would be pretty cool. Get to see some stuff that you’ll never see again
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Are you happy where you are in life right now?

I’d be lying if I said yes. I’ve had a few major setbacks so it’s a lot harder to get back that was lost. I’m trying to remind me myself that life isn’t a race to the top

Do you think there will be a WWIII soon ?

victoriannem9’s Profile PhotoVictoria
I’m really hoping that cooler heads prevail but it seems that our department of defense is active preparing for a conflict in the Pacific that may start sometime 2024-2025

What school did you like more? Elementary, middle, high school?

I’d have to say elementary because I was way more curious and eager to learn and that just kinda faded as I went through schools

If cars weren’t an option, what other transportation would you take?

ohmygodwut’s Profile PhotodariBee
I guess if I lived in a more urban setting probably light rail or subway of some kind
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Should you say excuse me after you burp

I try to but I don’t expect everyone to conform to what I consider proper manners

🎶 what's your favorite musical?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh; ✨️
The one that’s shown kinda briefly in Forgetting Sarah Marshall that is supposed to be in the works by itself called Dracula lol

One has to go: cheese quesadillas or Doritos loco taco?

Damn another tough one but gonna have to be quesadillas


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