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Whats ur snap

Uninstaller it for my boo 2 yrs aho he didn't like sll the guy friends I had if ever single again I'm reinstalling it and making a new moco

Are you saying you tried and failed to have a child?

Yea I don't think it was meant for me to have one

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As long as you’re not mean to me and I’m not mean to you going forward we can work. We loved each other a lot and the only thing that happened between us was harsh words over social media.

Aww to whoever that is too

You're 35, not exactly too old. And you have a boyfriend you're always going on about. Does he not want children? Or do you feel with your brain issues you might not be able to care for a child?

I'm not having a boyfriend at 35 and my boo being 44. And I could but if I was it would've been in my 20s . Lol

What exactly is this.. came across the app And I'm not sure what the point is in it

sunshine2463’s Profile Photosunshine2463
Ask . Answer . Give ppl someo e talk to Just a good pass time app

For example, do you have a picture of your long pink pajama bottoms? I love pink.

Not at the moment lol

Too bad you don't show anything and don't even respond

If was gonna do all that I'd be prob on only fans or something like that lol I'll do 2 max selfie a day lol

Back online to chat in about 5 hours? Look carefully at what time I sent it to you so you know what I mean by 5 hours from now.

Lol I'm not on here all the time srry

How long do you usually wait in the evening before you take off your bra? Or do you usually leave it on?

620pm if boo home I'd not about 830pm lol

Then I want some responses to what I sent hahah

Only reason yall got 2 pictures this morning cuz was being nice now it's back to one lol

So you do have long pajama bottoms?

Yea but when at home around my boo just mostly short night gown lol

How can you tell if someone likes you?

They will wanna be around u all the time. Talk to u see u etc. Lol

Don't have long pajama bottoms?

Don't wear pj's unless at someone house . Night gowns and panties lol


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