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Why is the people around you have the impression, that you have no clue what the fuck is happening 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

Probably because I have no clue what the fuck is happening.

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When you just become numb to any And everything …… and you trust absolutely no one around ! Shit gets irritating when your backed into a corner

I'm sorry to hear that for you. I haven't trusted anyone in years.

you're so antisocial and weird that the ghosts in haunted houses don't want to be your friends either 🥹

Mean calling me out like that.

The nicotine is calling! 😫 help! Should I just quit today? This craving is pretty bad.

It will be till you detox from it.

What do you think about people having journals?

I think that's awesome! It's a great coping mechanism. Until you realize someone is reading it. So you stop.

What would cause someone to always make an excuse instead of plainly stating the reason for their no?

I do that alot as a former people pleaser. It's a lot of pressure to just say no.

Rich spoiled mouthy 22 year old girl bragging about not having to work or go to college and she goes on all these trips all the time. No responsibility for nothing. Get everything handed. Must be nice but that personality she got is n^sty she’s awful

She might have money... but I bet her life doesn't have much value.

What kind of snack would you consider yourself?

Trail mix. A little bit sweet, a little bit salty and completely nuts.


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